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Measure of Success: Success is worth it

by Vijay Garg
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Today the only measure of one’s success is based on the norms of a materialistic culture, which has become a prerequisite for accepting many inhuman pressures and engaging in ruthless market competition. Considering success as paramount, it has become common to ignore all social values. Whereas the real meaning of success is that which develops one’s existence, frees him from narrow-mindedness and makes his vision liberal and broad that success is worth it which can be achieved by going out of the same rut while battling the challenges of the path of a new alternative.
The reason for this is clear and it has also been said that the mistakes of intelligent and intelligent man can prove to be more guide for the society than the successes of fools, can build it. The success that comes not from the tendency to imitate the crowd, but out of the box, through one’s own struggle, enriches one’s consciousness internally and leads him to new options and unknown possibilities that of success a definition can be meaningful and human, with a clarity of view of life, which is not dependent on fleeting, narrow and petty ambitions and which is timeless in its totality. This success should be valuable for the benefit of the society and generous from an epoch-making point of view and can take the realization of life to the height of its excellence and to the culmination of its economics. This formula for success may be based not on the collective pressure of consumerist civilization and the influence of market culture, but on independent thinking and rational vision of one’s own experiences, which are based on principles.
But it is difficult for the person who walks, but it is not impossible. There is a perpetual attraction in even the tireless efforts to achieve those big goals and aspirations that are not fulfilled. They are the most beautiful and meaningful in waiting for their perfection. These objectives give man a broad outlook and liberal thinking, freeing life from the bounds of the limited vision of living. Even in the struggle to make sense of the joy of perfection in our invisible possibilities and in the imperfection of the results and to achieve those desires.
Equally important is this pre-process of success in producing an aesthetic sense, in which there must be mental stability not only for victory, but also for defeat. This success gives an open extension to life and also provides human and ideological strength to rise to the pinnacle of purpose and accept the challenge of giving our best to rectify the shortcomings. Society is always waiting for such an alternative, which can give it a proper direction and therefore it is very necessary to save it from becoming invisible, which will help it to be received as a permanent idea. Today the whole system, media and market have created an environment that the ultimate aim of life is to achieve maximum consumption, high position, momentary popularity, social prestige and comforts in some way has become paramount for human beings.
In this concept of success, there is no place for morality, human values and sympathy for nature, which can be called its one-sided and narrow vision. That success, which is possible only at the cost of meaningfulness of human existence, conscious if you get knowledge and wisdom by turning it into a product, then it is useless and dangerous for the society. It may be the compulsion of senseless time, but in the pressure of this cruel environment and circumstances, finding your real success can be considered a worthwhile endeavor. To save the big dreams of life, going away from the convenient paths and struggling to find some new ideal can become the new standard of success.
But the reality is that very few people choose a free path for the emancipation of themselves and the society. Mostly made-up it is better to walk on convenient routes. But in order to achieve some extraordinary success, wandering for some inaccessible alternative away from tradition, the same person can discover something which may be considered impossible on the common and simple parameters of success, but which is so comprehensive, effective and original that the subject of which has never been thought of due to the limitations of the simple meaning of being successful, then that success cannot be said to be an individual, but a collective achievement. This lesson should be given from childhood. 

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