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Career & Job Scope and opportunities in Event Management 

by Vijay Garg
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Career & Job Scope and opportunities in Event Management

Individuals who work as event managers organise a variety of events, ensuring that the audience is interested and that the event’s message is correctly conveyed. We all have been to various events throughout our lives, whether it was a wedding, a birthday celebration, or a large music festival. Event management occupations necessitate careful planning in order to avoid problems on the day of the event. Such as settling on a budget, a decoration scheme, a venue, a guest list, food, and so on.
People realised it was a lot to manage a few years ago, so they began employing specialists like an event manager to handle the entire event. Event Management is a great career path for students who have a creative imagination and solid managerial skills. The effort can be exhausting at times, but the ultimate product is always worthwhile. Events are critical to the success of a brand or organisation.
Why Choose Event Management?
Event planners assist their clients in planning big gatherings and events. This career path has several unique advantages as well as some hurdles for specialists to handle. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of this employment might help you decide whether you want to work as an event manager.
Possibilities for innovation: You can use your creative abilities and talents as an event planner to coordinate the details of events and festivities. Your clientele may choose different party styles, allowing you to be creative with each event.
Work on multiple events: An event planner frequently works on a variety of events. They might organise a business conference, a Christmas party, a music festival, or a product launch, for example. As a result, an event manager frequently has an exciting profession and interesting tasks.
Attractive job growth: Event planners can anticipate rapid job growth in their industry. Meeting, convention, and event planners are expected to expand by 18% between 2020 and 2030, as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Work environment that enhances productivity: To organise and coordinate the intricacies of their events, event managers frequently work in groups. This allows them to enhance their learnings and experiment with fresh ways to event management.
Top Careers in Event Management
The following are some job titles in the event management field. The event manager job role is offered here, with varied titles depending on the industry and career growth.
1. Event Planner: An event organiser goes to great lengths to avoid mishandling caused by a lack of teamwork. He is responsible for organising events and everything else, such as client meetings and venue cleaning. Preparing budgets, searching, and arranging places are all part of an event coordinator’s job. He or she handles press outreach, gets sponsors and celebrity guests, and supervises support workers such as florists, caterers, and DJs. He also provides assistance to event planners and coordinators.
2. Associate Event Supervisor: Students are hired at the associate level after successfully completing the relevant courses. This is the initial level of entrance for students who want to work in event management. The associate event planner works under the supervision of seniors during this period to gain a basic understanding of how things work in the real world.
3. Event Manager: An event manager is in charge of planning, coordinating, and executing a variety of events of all sizes and sorts, such as food festivals, commercial activities, music performances, and conventions. An event manager talks with customers to analyse their needs and decide the event’s goal. The event managers then meet with organisers, vendors, and other specialists to plan the event. Event managers are also in charge of financial management.
4. Event Organiser: Event organisers are in charge of arranging and coordinating events. Depending on the firm, the size and style of the event may differ. They are also responsible for creating and managing the client’s budget and searching for, booking, and coordinating suitable event venues.
5. Logistics Manager: The prime responsibilities of a Logistics Manager are managing warehouse inventories and keeping inventory records. Managing budgets and selecting transportation companies, besides negotiating rates and contracts with them. They are also responsible for resolving customer complaints and issues.
Career Scope With an Event Management Degree
Event Management offers a wide range of applications in both India and abroad. Candidates can discover numerous high-profile work opportunities in both the public and private sectors. Students who complete a BBA in Event Management might continue their education in the same sector and go for further specialisations by pursuing MBA or PhD degrees in the same field. Candidates with an Event Management degree can work as a Marketing Executive, Designing Administrator, Teacher, Media Relations Manager, and many other high-profile roles after completing the course. The typical minimum annual income is INR 3,00,000, which increases with hands-on experience in the sector.
Event Management Scope in India
India has witnessed a remarkable rise in demand for live and cultural events over the last few years. The increase in social and cultural events has shifted the taste of the audience and their ways of amusement. People nowadays prefer to watch live shows and performances of their artists rather than viewing them on-screen. Furthermore, the concept of connectivity and common networking has led to similar grounds for people gathering to watch a live entertainment presentation.
This change in ways of enjoyment has resulted in the popularity of event management. More and more youngsters are inclined to pursue study in Event Management, which carries a bright scope for career growth. Young professionals can find employment in the following industries after completing a study in Event Management:
Wedding Planning- The Wedding Management Industry is one of the most thriving businesses in our country. Weddings are an auspicious part of our culture and tradition. According to a study, the Indian Wedding Management Industry earns approximately 1,00,000 crores every year. And this amount increases by 25-30% each year. Thus, event retailers can greatly capitalise on their operations with this large number of weddings enhanced by the opulent functions.
Corporate Gatherings- Company award celebrations, press conferences, and other organisational events necessitate a high level of sincerity and skill-set execution on the part of event organisers. As a result, anyone wishing to enter this market will be given on-the-job training in various corporate event management strategies. Furthermore, aggregating these strategies with conceptual relevance will have the greatest impact on the growth of event managers in this industry.
Trade Fairs- India has seen significant expansion in this sector of the industry. This is mostly due to increased business networking among established organisations and new start-ups. Surprisingly, this area receives the least attention from applicants seeking to engage with the industry. The prime reason for this is a lack of glamour akin to the wedding management industry.
Promotional Events- This is mostly due to increased business networking among established organisations and new start-ups. Surprisingly, this area receives the least attention from applicants seeking to engage with the industry. The prime reason for this is a lack of glamour akin to the wedding management industry.
Social Events- Social events are a fantastic entry point into the event sector for newcomers. This area in India is growing at a rate of roughly 20% each year, making it a valuable industry in which to test our management talents and aspirations. In a nutshell, social events are an excellent employment option for living up to your enthusiasm while providing amazing managing results.
Average Salaries Based on Job Positions
Event Management is a promising and rewarding alternative. Candidates can locate high-paying employment in a wide range of Job Profiles. They can work as Event Managers, Promotion Managers, Designing Executives, Event Coordinators, Celebrity Managers, Public Relation Officers, among others.

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