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Why do students opt for ‘After School Careers’?

by Vijay Garg
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There are a variety of reasons why many students go for ‘After School Careers’. These have been explained below:
1) Poor in Studies: Many people aren’t good at studies even though they have a high IQ. Constant nagging and embarrassments at school force them to pursue a career upon completion of schooling rather than hanging a few years more in college for bearing insults.
2) Lack or Shortage of Funds:  Most of the students who are eager to earn as early as possible are the ones who go for such careers. The cause of their eagerness is the financial constraints which force them to look for a job rather than study at college.
Experience: There are certain individuals who want ‘First-hand Job Experience’. The reasons can be varied, some of which could be planning for a greater position upon graduation nationally or internationally. In some cases, it could be simply because of resume weight age or simply ambitious attitude.
3) Early Start: People who don’t have jobs are mostly looked down upon even when they have just completed school. It becomes a prestige issue for many and they want to be known as employed rather than being tagged as ‘Unemployed’. So a job immediately after school is the immediate answer to society.
4) Enough Education: Candidates who are tired of studying and feel burdened with the monotonous regime of education opt for such careers. For them, school education is enough education. They are least bothered about graduation.
5) A Sense of Independence: After completing school there are many of us who have the view that they have lived enough with their parents and it’s time to move on. For many of them, it is riddance from family chores and freedom from authority. They want to explore and carve a niche for themselves and stand on their feet and be independent financially as well as socially.
Source for College Fees: Schooling in various schools is free but not necessarily in colleges. The college education can be expensive if it is to be studied in a reputed college. This becomes a source of motivation for those determined to make it their chosen college.
6) Peer Pressure: Sometimes students tend to follow their friends. They observe that certain students are earning and they aren’t. It is here that they indirectly get pressurised into getting a job. In other cases, they might be teased upon for not having an occupation even if it is part-time.

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