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Faraway from books

by Vijay Garg
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The desire to learn something as soon as possible is what makes man different from other creatures.  The thing which played the most important role in this continuous journey of intellectual development are books.  Spirituality, science, music, literature, art, etc. are being written on many subjects for centuries.  Many times such situations came when it was assumed that gradually books will disappear from this world.  For example, when radio, television, internet came, it was said that who will read books now?  Now all the information is present on your screen.  Despite this, the demand for books remained the same.  But maybe the availability of books should disappoint all of us.
 Smartphones and internet are accessible to the masses in the country.  Young generation is getting immense benefit from this revolution.  This smartphone was the link between teachers and students in the Corona epidemic.  People were imprisoned in their homes, no one could interact with anyone, then people remained connected with each other through smartphones.  But when this stuff of our need became our habit, it is not known.  The younger generation started wasting their time playing games, watching videos, chatting, etc.  This is a matter of concern for all of us.  The important thing it took away from us is patience.
 As we progress on the path of development, our patience is decreasing.  It usually takes a week to complete a single book.  Due to dwindling patience, a large part stopped reading books and started watching movies.  In the initial period, Hindi films used to be of two and a half to three hours.  Then the filmmakers shortened the films further in view of the decreasing endurance of the audience.  Now movies get completed in maximum two hours.  But people’s patience is no longer testifying even to watch a two-hour film.  A large part started watching videos of fifteen to twenty minutes on YouTube.  The younger generation watching videos on YouTube has now started watching ‘Reels’.  Only one minute video.  Entertainment in a minute.  A step ahead of the reels, the trend of ‘meem’ emerged.  A picture is made in such a way that it can make people laugh.  Entertainment in just a few seconds.  It is better to spend weeks reading a book, laughing at a meme in a few seconds.  Who is responsible for this?  Decreasing patience.  We are always in a hurry.  In this era of competition, we have no time to read any book.  We’re just running.
 It is not that we all have lost interest in books, but many things have been left behind in this run-of-the-mill race.  For example, spending time with elders, gardening, going for morning walk, talking to small children of the locality, etc.  In today’s era, far from reading a book, people do not even want to buy a book.  The condition of Hindi literature is even worse.  English is the language of business, so people are forced to study.  Hindi is the language of love, so a large population is ignoring it.  The popularity of Hindi newspapers is also decreasing among the youth.  People of Hindi belt are also reading English newspapers in the process of taking out the competition.  Why is this happening?  Why is the younger generation turning away from Hindi books and newspapers?  Along with the decreasing patience, is there another component that needs to be worked upon?
 Readers are dwindling.  There is a need for discussion on how to bring them back.  The Internet will trap people in its network even if they do not want to.  Your time will be wasted on the Internet in such a way that you will start enjoying instead of guilt.  Is this bliss possible through books and newspapers?  Can’t the ease with which knowledge exists on the Internet be made available through books and newspapers?  It is not just the responsibility of writers and editors.  More than them, somewhere we readers also have.  We all should take a vow that we will definitely read at least two books in a month.  It takes time to acquire knowledge.  Patience is the key to knowledge.  Of course, one can be entertained by watching one’s dance in ‘reels’, but the knowledge that one gets from books is impossible to get anywhere else.  That’s why it’s important to love books.  The purification of ethics is not possible without books.  What is the use of development, where people do not have humanity, understanding, compassion and compassion.

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