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Open Letter to the Secretary MPSC, Manipur

by IT Web Admin
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Dear Sir,
I would like to lay down some bare facts regarding the horrible functioning ofMPSC , Manipur to which you are also a part. Sir, Manipur stands higher in Literacyrate which is above than the national average. However due to corrupt politiciansand bad bureaucrats, we remain underdeveloped. The situation is made more worstwith the compounding problems of unemployment. Nobody can deny the fact thatevery job in Manipur comes with a price tag. Even Candidates who fail in written testfind their names in final merit list ?? In such situation , literate, efficient and capableminds go out of Manipur in search of better avenues and results in brain drain. Tostop it, MPSC has been entrusted with the recruitment of best talents of Manipur toserve the State. But since its establishment, MPSC has been in news only for wrongreasons. In 2013, 2014 people breathe a sigh of relief during the regime of previousChairman. But now, MPSC is again in news due to its sorry state of affairs.Corruption,Bribery and Nepotism has entangled MPSC.
Sir, in MCSCCE-2016 Mains examination, MPSC violated the instructions ofextra paper. In almost PSC exams extra paper has been discontinued only toremove corruption and to stop manipulation. Why MPSC allowed candidates to useextra sheets, when its usage has already been stopped in the examinationinstructions? There is no accountability of extra sheets. Even some candidates havebrought blank Extra answer sheets to their homes ?? in such situation, there are highchances of manipulation of answer sheets during evaluation process. Some answersheets may be written at home and brought to Evaluation Centre . In Manipureverything is possible.
In General Studies Paper II, there were arithmetic questions which was out of Syllabus. Questions should be framed according to the syllabus. It cant be askedfrom everywere. One of the questions relating to pipes and cisterns was printedwrong. MPSC never came out with clarification on these questions. MPSC neverclarified on the evaluation of these questions. In Telangana PSC exam, one questionrelated to Data Interpretation was asked, which was out of syllabus. The matterreached Supreme Court. Finally Telangana PSC, ordered re-evaluation of GeneralStudies Answer Sheets excluding the Statistics Questions. It seems that ourSecretary is not aware of happenings in other Public Service Commissions.
Main issue is the evaluation process. What made you to evaluate the answerpapers hastily ? If your mains answer sheets of UPSC exams were evaluated byMPSC evaluators, i bet that, you would not have become an IAS Officer ? Answersheets should have been evaluated under CCTV surveillance. But in case of MPSC,answer sheets were evaluated at the residences of Examiners . Every line ofanswers should be read. But MPSC only glanced the answer sheets. Why theevaluators are paid ? To read carefully or to glance ? More than 80 answer sheetswere evaluated on a single day by an Examiner. Such speedy evaluation happensnowhere except in Manipur. When 2 or more examiners were involved for a singlesubject, there should have been discussions before the evaluation process. How isthe Question ? How much marks should be given ? But in case of MPSC, there wereindependent evaluation process resulting in marks given by different examiners.Besides, some optional subjects were high scoring and some other less scoring. Therules and procedure of MPSC clearly states that Moderation shall be carried out for alevel playing field amongst various Optional Subjects. It is also the norm of UPSC .But MPSC never did it. It is sheer negligence. There are high chances of multipleevaluation. An examiner might have evaluated more than one Optional Subject. Buta proper enquiry by an independent committee will only verify it.
The Syllabus and Scheme of examination was outdated. UPSC and variousState PSCs have changed their Scheme of examination. But MPSC is in mood tochange. The Scrutiny of Answer Sheets was also not done. The Das EnquiryCommission of 1997 pointed out the same mistake. But MPSC is adamant.
MPSC is a constitutional body. It is an independent commission. MPSCshould function under its Chairman and Members. The E Suraj v/s MPSC of 1997clearly stated that Officials of MPSC should not interfere in its working. But therecent cases disclosed that Secretary and other Officials are involved in theQuestion Setting, Coding, Decoding,Evaluation process. There is no confidential inthe Examination process. We can easily conclude that Members were not appointedsince last 01 year because functions of MPSC can be easily carried out by itsOfficials.
In case of MCSCCE 2016, an independent enquiry committee was formed tolook into the matter. But the members of enquiry committee and Officials of MPSCare on same side. The enquiry committee never looked into the whole examinationprocess. The committee never scrutinised the Answer scripts properly. If that be thecase then they should know the actual number of pages. I don’t know whose answersheets they verified.The report of enquiry commission is being manipulated byOfficials of MPSC in their favour.
With such blunders in the recruitment process, how can we believe in MPSCand its Officials? It is very clear that MPSC is working under the guidance ofPoliticians. The role of Secretary is only administrative work. But, you interfered inthe functioning of MPSC thereby degrading its constitutional obligations. You evendon’t dare to submit your mistakes. You are so adamant in manipulating the enquirycommittee report. On moral ground, you should submit your letter and go out ofMPSC until the Court Case is disposed off. When the case is finally settled in HighCourt or Supreme Court, i believe that, you will be reprimanded and never comeback to MPSC.
Dear Sir, if you have really worked in good faith without any prejudice andbias in upholding the duties and functions of MPSC, then please re consider thewhole examination process of MCSCCE-2016. If you committed mistakes, pleaseaccept it for a better Manipur. Present disputes have disheartened us. We have lostfaith. When young minds and students lose faith then what can be the future ofManipur? Only Chaos!! We will surely help in dismantling MPSC. Its functions canbe carried out by UPSC.
Mohd Amir
Yairipok Bamonleikai
Thoubal Manipur

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Maibam Warish January 18, 2017 - 6:04 pm

The letter says everything what is happening in the process of conducting examination, it’s time to stope corruption and let’s think about the future of Manipur, good post/job base on merit not on money! I stand with Amir,and thank you for this letter!

CHANDRA January 19, 2017 - 12:35 pm

Let’s save our future.It is never the wrong time to do the right thing.
I stand with the right one.
Thank you !


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