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More arrests and more troubles likely coming for village volunteers

by Editorial Team
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More arrests and more troubles likely coming for village volunteers

In the aftermath of the elections in Manipur, there’s a sense of unease lingering in the air. The recent attempt to arrest village volunteers and the looming threat of tougher actions after the election results are signs of trouble brewing. It seems like the incoming government might crack down on certain groups, taking away their weapons under the guise of safety. But really, it’s about controlling who gets to keep their arms and who doesn’t. These things are more likely to increase once the election results are announced in June.
In this tense situation, the Manipur government has some tough choices to make. They could try to address the problem by negotiating with these groups or providing security so people feel safe giving up their weapons. However, in the hilly areas, the government is outmatched by groups like the Kuki militants, making it hard to enforce anything. Moreover, given the self-interest of politicians at the state level, it’s doubtful they’ll take any meaningful action. Instead, they’ll likely ignore the suffering of the people in favor of holding onto their own power.
Politicians, ministers, MLAs, and MPs, preoccupied with safeguarding their own positions, remain indifferent to the plight of the populace. Their allegiance lies not with the people they purportedly serve but with the preservation of their own power. That’s where the central government needs to step in.
However, the persistent presence of Meitei insurgents, poses a significant challenge to efforts aimed at resolving the conflict in Manipur. Despite the pressure exerted by Kuki militants on Meitei population over the past year, containing these Meitei insurgents has proven to be elusive. So, it seems that the central government has not got what it wants still.
Moreover, the central government’s ability to find a resolution may indeed be hindered by competing interests and geopolitical considerations. The prioritization of national security concerns, diplomatic relations with neighboring countries like Myanmar, and strategic calculations may influence the government’s approach to resolving the conflict. As a result, any resolution proposed by the center may be contingent upon aligning with its broader geopolitical objectives rather than solely addressing the grievances and aspirations of the affected communities in Manipur.
Manipuri politics is rife with lies and deceit, with promises broken and trust shattered. The failure to address issues like buffer zones, control over the home department, and the presence of certain MLAs supporting separate administration in the government shows a lack of real commitment to change. As trouble looms on the horizon, the people of Manipur brace themselves for more hardship. But amidst the chaos, there’s hope in the resilience of communities coming together. It’s through this unity that real change can happen, as people stand up against corruption and greed. Manipur is at a crossroads. Will it continue down the path of manipulation and oppression, or will it find a way to rise above it all? The answer lies with the people, who continue to fight for a better future despite the odds stacked against them.

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