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The right beginning

by Rinku Khumukcham
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The unimaginable myriad issues plaguing the tiny State of Manipur is astounding- to put it mildly. The never ending scuffles for almost everything being done- or not done for that matter, leaves one swooning with confusion and disappointed, the indecision and nonchalant attitude of the concerned authorities not helping matters at all. Right from the moment we wake up and are readying for the challenges the day might throw at us, to the moment we give in to the soothing embrace of sleep, we are confronted with problems and hurdles some mundane, yet others that affects our lives and threatens our very existence. And for every of these instances, finger pointing and accusations invariably follow. It is indeed an almost impossible task for the State Government, starved of necessary resources as it already is, to make things right and fulfill the wishes and whims of everyone in the State, and no one really expects as much.  A large number of the public are still in the dark about the various developments taking place in the State, both good and bad. This leads to a “follow the leader” syndrome where the trusted one in the community or locality can and does influence the decision of the rest in the absence of the ability to make informed judgement. Mob justice and Kangaroo courts hold sway under such circumstances, as is the much despised yet extremely effective system of selling votes to the highest bidder. What then should be the course of action that can be taken to stem the tide that is sweeping the State towards lawlessness and chaos? Should the flow be allowed to rip past the fragile fabrics of our society without any attempt to stem it, thereby letting it take everyone of us- even the powerful and seemingly invincible individuals in it’s wake to carry it to wherever the current might flow? The answer, predictably would be a resounding “NO”. It does not bode well for those at the helm of affairs to shed crocodile tears and point fingers while trying to wash their hands off the difficult and challenging tasks that needs to be done. The public does not want miracles, nor are they demanding magic. What is expected though, is the actual beginning of the various processes that will lead to positive changes, no matter how long it takes to bear fruit. An earnest and apparently honest effort to bring the system towards the right direction is what the public needs to see for themselves. Real and sustained development can be achieved when all the wheels of the vehicle which drives development are well oiled and equally efficient. Any glitch in any of the wheels will endanger the progress and continuity of the journey. The same holds true for the society. Every sphere and every aspect of our lives needs to be brought up in the same breadth. These can be achieved only when small yet consistent steps have been taken over the years. Trying to push development forward in spurts will only endanger the whole exercise. A steady, consistent and holistic approach will only ensure lasting and enduring development and progress. Every journey begins with a single step- a small yet determined and earnest one. 

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