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What is more important Skill or Degree?

by Vijay Garg
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Friends many people talk about having big college degrees and so on.  No doubt the degrees are essential for getting any job, but the moot question is whether we can progress in life on the basis of the degrees only.
The answer is ‘no’ rather we can say a BIG NO. Degrees are only a gateway to any job.  Even people with big degrees them remain unemployed. However, your ultimate growth depends on your skills.  However degrees are important in some professional fields, but here also the ultimate success lies in the skill of the person. Let’s understand it:
You can’t do any medical practice without any medical degree. However, only skilful doctors attract more patients than their counterparts.
You can’t do any legal practice and get the license at the bar council. Here you will also found that only a few advocates are more successful than their counterparts. Only those become successful, who are innovative and can think out of box.
There are many other fields, particularly professional fields where professional degrees are essential. But it is true that only those persons are successful who are more skilful than others.
Let’s understand from some pointers:
In 2015, out of 1.5 lakhs only 20% engineers were able to get jobs.
On every other day, we find that many doctorates apply for the posts of peons or even sweepers.
Not much technology is used in the classrooms, and when the students pass out from their colleges or universities, they are very little or not skilled at all.
Shortcut methods and cheating in exams have become very common.
To show good results teachers themselves indulge in these unethical practices.
The curriculum is quite old and outdated.
Let’s us understand the value of Skills
No wonder, these days everyone is after degrees. However, this is not the right way to start your career. It has been found that there is a wide gap between the number of graduates and the persons having jobs. Though it is not possible for any organization to provide job to everyone, therefore every organization prefers people who are more skilled than the others.
Why Skills are more important
A skilled person is more innovative. He can do versatile jobs.
He is more prone to learning.
One skill gives birth to other skill. It is a very true dictum. A skilled person will learn new skills more easily than the others.
Since he is more innovative, organizations prefer such people and they are paid more for the same position.
Now we are going through the age of transition. Only those people can survive in the job market who are skilled.
What Skill-based education is?
It is the flexibility in the hands of the learners.
It helps in enquiring experience.
It is more effective and purpose-driven.  It means that it helps students to receive a clear objective. Otherwise it has been seen the students are left in the river like a rudderless boat.
How can Skills be learned:
Though it is an inherent trait, yet schools and colleges can play a vital role in it.
Educational institutes need to integrate skills in the curriculum.
More stress is needed to give on inculcating skills than the degrees.
There are many examples of successful people who are not much educated, but due to their hard work and skills they become very successful. Some of these are:
Bill Gates: Who does not know the name of Bill Gates? He is the founder of Microsoft and considered as the wealthiest person of the world. However, he was a university dropout degrees work under their leadership.
So friends do you think that only degrees can do wonders? Certainly not. A combination of both is necessary to become successful in life. And no wonder people with having higher percentage of marks lag behind their peers who are more skillful than them. 

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