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Value of Education and Ambition in Student’s Life

by Vijay Garg
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Education provides the knowledge but the skills and professional attributes mould and bring about a successful career. In studies, the development of the skills is a necessity and only hardworking and capable student survives. Another important aspect is that education leads our life towards the best and up-moving direction. The competency examinations after the lectures and assignments appraise the level of students at a higher stage. Success and work centred in the mind of students from the initial stage of education that’s why only they take so much keen interest in the field of education, to achieve their results and want to stand on merit only. The availability of ambition, aim and goals determined the concentration of education and one has to live in that environment to pursue a career. It is estimated that Education and Acknowledgement are the same sides of two coins which leads the career of student and also make him Confident, Determined, Independent and Well-educated in his\her life.
Sometimes, students face a shortage of skilled professionals and knowledge materials to meet the provisions of their state of education which makes them feel looser. But, it was seen in the early period of time, not now. Because now at the present all the criteria’s and ways of the education system has been changed.
An Education, with its adaptable measurements, goal-oriented objectives, and knowledge awareness brings in its own set of regulations and restrictions requiring careful monitoring and also personnel for successful implementation for the betterment of the students. Education always gives strength, intelligent mind and active thoughts to the students for leading their career and to get a valuable position in life.
Ambition is the most important aspect of human life and it also provides a new essence with up-moving directions in our life. It is necessary for all of us to have an ambition in our life so, that we can live in a meaningful way. Ambition is essential for everyone to live well in life. Without ambition, life will be boring, monotonous and uninteresting in the world. So, ambition is a necessity for survival, sustenance and success in the life of the world. It is truly observed that ambition brings out the best in all of us and also helps to achieve success in our goals. Ambition helps us to achieve perfection in life. Therefore what kind of ambition is necessary is the thing one has to think accurately and implement all our efforts to build a career in life. Ambition is the driving force in life which makes great achievements possible in the world. Here living is not enough, something has to be achieved to make one’s life interesting or make interesting things, worthy things, best things and noble things known to the world.
Education has always been the basic tool to shape the career of the students. One of the most important steps you can take to develop a career is to undertake some training and education. You can improve your existing skills or build new one-become an expert of your own professional life. In, terms of reaching your ideal goals it’s important to build your skills. Because after all, you haven’t got your job due to the fact that you are lacking certain skills or experience. There is so much to be gained from learning and education and knowledge about new culture, new field, experiencing new challenges and opening our mind to the whole new world. Choosing the right career path is the route of choices, it is always better information about the courses that are being offered in various parts of the world before taking a decision regarding one’s career path.
There are persons with ambition for materialistic developments, for intellectual development and for spiritual development. So, ambition for all-round development can make one a complete human being with a positive attribute, which is the aim of human culture and necessary for the well being of the world. It is also important for all of us to know that ambition which is based on one-sidedness, selfishness or imagination is abnormal, unnatural and undesirable for human society in the world. Therefore ambition is necessary, but good ambition only can give satisfaction, peace and happiness in life. It is merely believed that not only for the individuals but also for the nations, healthy human ambition is absolutely necessary so that real peace, prosperity and progress can be achieved for everyone in the world.
So, to implement such a broad idea, each individual should have some realistic and good ambition with the vision of the future world in mind instead of confining their thoughts only on their individual self only.
The main purpose of Education is to develop the knowledge, skill and character of an individual. Knowledge arises in the mind of an individual when that person interacts with an idea or experience. Education is about drawing out what is already within the student. Well, it is the duty and mere responsibility of the teachers, that they should give students the necessary knowledge and skills to gain optimum positions in their life and come out with flying colour as well as in their career also. The central task and meaning of Education are to build a will-power among the students and also providing the best facilities for learning so that one can easily find the true meaning of his/her life. The effort of every good and useful Education should be utilized in the best possible manner, which can help the students to raise their standards of learning and as well as for becoming a shining spark in their career. The purpose of Education is to teach a student how to live his life in the most conducted and controlled manner. And also by developing his mind and encouraging him to deal with reality. The students should be taught in a good manner to understand, to implement and to prove themselves through the esteem medium of Education.
With an appropriate ambition based on experience, knowledge and vision, one can overcome the hardships of life in the world. It is a real fact, that from experience, reading and observation we gain knowledge. As time goes on experience, knowledge and conviction give us an active mind, strong attitude, wisdom, confidence, will-power, which is necessary to decide about matters. Then the ambition of one would be accomplishing that mission or achieving that in the world, which would make everything interesting in life and would make one achieve all matters according to one’s plan with complete success. That is the way everyone has to live in the world and achieve something remarkable according to one’s full capacity in some field like art, literature, information technology, agriculture, politics and so on not only for the present world but also for the future of mankind. And it is important for all of us to give meaning to our life so, that we can achieve our goals, aims and ambitions in the best possible manner.
In fact, they should be given essentials of knowledge so that which can help them out bring out their own efforts for achieving their goals in life. The main objective of Education is to improve our minds so that we can raise our own thinking instead of following the thoughts of others. Well, all the students should believe that the purpose of Education lies at the heart and mind of teaching methods, behaviour and implementations. Beliefs arising from the own values and experiences of students always take the first front in their career and life. Well, it is a true fact that the transfer of knowledge from school to the real world is something that happens naturally as a consequence of possessing that knowledge as an extreme function of Education. It is a well defined and accurate statement that listening to the language of education which gives out complete focus on knowledge and teaching rather than on the learner. Therefore, students are expected to conform to schools rather than schools serving the needs of students. So, all the educators-teachers-professors and guides must be challenged to identify and reexamine their beliefs in the light of present knowledge which can help the students in a simple, useful and easy way.
As we make our ambition and implement our all efforts so that we can easily please everyone with our work and can achieve our real destination in life. It becomes a daily adventure for all of us, as we find routine situations which may bring deep and real lessons about life and one’s character. We also behold the glory, power and wisdom of God at our work, in our personal lives and in the lives of others. As we learn to seek not for what we like but what is right. So, we always enter into the peace and joy of that which is good, easy, real and pleasing. Our responsibilities and involvements become more excited in our day to day life that we start enjoying our work, believe our efforts and continue our positive thinking.


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