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The Solution to unemployment is only technical Education

by Vijay Garg
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Technical education can provide a wide range of opportunities in today’s world. It can be said that today’s technology depends on a country’s most important resource – skilled workers. A technically sound population can contribute to a country’s overall economy by being a part of manufacturing, designing, developing, and maintaining goods and services.
But, it’s important to understand what technical education means. We look at it here. We also look at some of the best universities across the world that offer great technical education.
Technical education covers engineering, architecture, management, planning, applied sciences, and other related fields. It helps to prepare students for a career where they can apply scientific and technical principles to create solutions. Technical education focuses on providing training and imparting knowledge for specific purposes that help to build or improve one’s career. The field helps in understanding the fundamentals of how things work and how they can be designed/manufactured from the ground up.
In order to become a technically skilled worker, one would need to learn subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, electronics, engineering, and other applied sciences. Today, the demand for people with technical skills has increased exponentially, due to the growth of technology and innovations. And demand is only set to grow vertically. Development, in terms of both industrial as well as technical, is bound to be an offshoot of great technical education.
Some of the most in-demand technical roles
Technical education has a wide array of fields to choose from based on one’s interest. Due to its highly specialized nature of training, technical education focuses on providing a more hands-on approach than general education. Some of the opportunities that await those who are interested in technical education and look forward to a career related to it are listed below.
Data Scientist – A Data Scientist makes use of available data to form meaningful insights and to derive information that is valuable in one sense or another. They make use of multiple disciplines including mathematics, computing, algorithms, and others for the purpose of gleaning information.
Machine Learning Engineer – Machine Learning Engineers are responsible for designing and developing artificial intelligence-based approaches that can help to simplify tasks or to perform complex computations.
Economist – Economists help to formulate economic models and policies using their knowledge of how an economy should work, based on their observations of markets or financial systems.
Programmer – Programmers write pieces of code (sometimes known as programs or source code) that become part of the software or any other electronically transmitted media that are used by people, across different platforms. Programs connect the underlying hardware of a device with the software that users interact with.
Social Media/Digital Media Marketing and Strategy Specialist – Without actively promoting ideas and services on the Internet, it is virtually impossible to turn a venture into one that is successful. Social media marketing and strategy specialists understand their products and services and study their clientele so that they know how and when to promote their offerings.
Manufacturing – Manufacturing involves a whole lot of complex processes and requires those who can handle machinery, equipment, computers, and other systems. It also requires one to be technically sound and to have a sharp eye for detail.
Robotics Specialist – Robotics specialists design, maintain and manufacture robots that are industrial, commercial, or personal variants. They need to be experts in robotics, electronics, mathematics, computational models, artificial intelligence, and systems engineering.
Agriculture – Agriculturists engage in agricultural activities where they cultivate and harvest crops. To achieve better results, agriculturists need to have knowledge about scientific methods of farming and understand how the market works in order to sell crops at competitive prices.
Technical Writer – Technical writers need to be on top of their game to write about the latest technological trends. They also need to possess great communication skills to convey technical details in layman terms since most of the readers would be technology enthusiasts and not experts.
Computer Hardware Engineer – They partake in the research, design, and development of hardware components. Without hardware engineers, it is impossible to imagine the current technological growth that we enjoy. Think of the latest Apple M1 Max processor!
Some of the top universities for technical education
There are many institutions that offer technical education to those students who are looking to build a career out of it.

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