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Job occupation women and their difficulties

by Rinku Khumukcham
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The woman is the foundation of the house.  Along with women, home, family and society is moving forward.  .  But still the woman has faced many problems and is still facing them.  The woman has been facing various physical, mental and emotional problems and is still facing them.  After the independence of the country, equal rights were granted to men in the constitution.  Then gradually the woman got the right to read, write and work.  In the past, women have always had to live behind the scenes and in a patriarchal society, they have had to live with compassion by following the rules laid down by men.  The woman was always doing housework within the walls of the house and she was not allowed to study or work.
But times have changed.  Today’s woman can read and write, get a job and help a man financially.  Because in today’s time with the change of time our needs have increased a lot and so has inflation.  According to the needs of the time, today’s woman is also working in every field on an equal footing with men and is also occupying high positions.  Today’s woman is standing on her own two feet.  She earns.  You do not have to reach out to a family member or a man to help you with your needs.
This is great but is the woman really happy?  Is it true that a woman’s life is better than ever?  Has the life of today’s woman really become so much easier?  But the answer is no.  On the contrary, the many responsibilities of today’s woman, her work has increased.  Today’s woman has to devote full time, attention and attention to her job responsibilities as well as domestic responsibilities.  But still the woman fulfills all her duties diligently but in spite of this she has to face many kinds of problems.
The woman forgets herself as she balances her housework, social responsibilities and job. She gets up early in the morning, prepares food for her children, husband and family and takes care of other domestic and family responsibilities.  She is in a hurry to get to work.  Satisfaction comes to a woman’s mind only when she prepares food for her children and husband and takes care of all their needs.  In the midst of all this she gets so busy that she quells her eating and drinking and sometimes she avoids the next sting.  Due to not taking timely and balanced diet, they also suffer from malnutrition and various diseases.  Even after a hard and arduous life, in many families women are not given due respect.
Women who have small children are the ones who suffer the most.  Along with the job, they have to take care of their family and children.  This sometimes makes them feel irritated.  Also, they do not get enough sleep.
Many women are Kohlu’s bulls all the time and carry out all their responsibilities very neatly but they do not have any right over their earnings as their salary comes from the banks and the ATM family members of the account.  They are protected and have to feel sorry for their husband or family for their personal needs.  They also have to ask for money for their daily expenses.  These women forget to think about themselves as they get caught up in the grind of domestic responsibilities and duties.
How much work women have to do in the office, they also have to come home and do the housework because the men of the house do not help the women in the housework.  Some men think that if I do the kitchen work or any other household chores, it will be under my control.  This puts double the pressure on the woman’s head.
In many places, women are not safe in the workplace or even in the office.  Sometimes a woman has to be a victim of the excesses of her male co-workers.  Sometimes women even have to endure physical abuse.  But women are silent about such incidents because they think if J.P.
If we complain then it will tarnish our dignity and our family and society will treat us badly.  This type of woman becomes mentally disturbed which affects her family and work.
If a woman works far away then she is not safe to come and go.  Public transport is also often tampered with.  She does not feel safe even if she goes on her own.
Although the woman is facing various problems, but with the help of family members, these problems start to seem small on their own.  The government should also form a committee to address the problems of working women.  Above all, women need to be aware of their own rights and be fearless.  If there is any excess with them, they need to raise their voice there.  Today’s woman needs to be physically strong as well as learn karate.  If something goes wrong with them, they can compete.  Men should also change their minds over time and cooperate with working women in their household chores.
Today’s women are by no means inferior.  Women have also reached space.  Names are shining on the playground too.  The country’s prime minister and president have also been women.  Whether it is the land of the moon, the top of the Himalayas, the pilot of a plane or the driver of a taxi, the importance of women is before everyone.  Today, women are leading the way in education  In spite of everything, today’s woman is reaching the heights by being free.

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