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How to get above 90 in Board 12th Physics

by Vijay Garg
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How To Get Above 90 In board 12 Physics: If you want to ace the Physics exam in your boards but do not know how to get above 90 in board 12 Physics, you are at the right place. Physics is an important and tricky subject to crack. But if you plan well and put the right things in the right place you will surely ace the exam. It requires conceptual understanding and logical solving abilities. It needs knowledge of theories, visualization, and application of knowledge and formulas. Don’t worry you can master this subject by first knowing the basics thoroughly. In this article, we will give you detailed information about how to get above 90 in board 12 Physics.
How To Get Above 90 In board 12 Physics
Like any other subjects, Physics too needs one to have the basic knowledge of the whole syllabus of  12th syllabus of Physics and in-depth understanding of certain chapters which are important for the board exam. Below are a few topics that you need to master in order to score high in the board exams:
Physics Topic-wise Preparation Strategy
• Students who are weaker in Mathematics should try to read Modern Physics initially. The Semiconductor chapter is one of the most important chapters as its weight-age is around 8 marks. Atom and Nuclei together constitute 6 marks.
• The next set of chapters will consist of Dual Nature of Radiation which carries 4 marks. Communication system constitutes 3 marks. Having command over these chapters help students a great deal in scoring higher marks in Physics.
• Now you need to go for important and difficult chapters like Optics which carries 14 marks in the board exam.
• In Optics, you need to complete Ray optics first, which is easier to study. In Wave Optics, you should concentrate more on problems of Interference, Diffraction, and Young’s double slit experiment.
•  Current and Electricity is also an easier chapter and it carries 7 marks.
• If one has not studied Electrostatics and Magnetism till date then it is better to leave these chapters because these two units consume more time than the others. However, these chapters are very important for competitive exams.
• EMI is another unit that you need to focus on to score well. It is an important unit both for the board exam and competitive exams.
• Practice the ray diagram and other important diagrams carefully. Drawing and studying will help you understand many topics faster and in an easier way.
• Try to solve objective problems to make yourself efficient in solving 1 mark questions in the exam; this will be a bonus for you.
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Following are the step-wise guide to prepare for CBSE 12 Physics:
Go through the NCERT book for Physics. It is the most important book for Physics board exam of Class 12. All topics in the syllabus for the exam are covered in the NCERT book.
Make a complete list of derivations, formulae, and experiments in your syllabus and keep that list; it will be handy later during the exam.
While solving a derivation, try and comprehend the logic behind the derivations. Understanding a derivation will help you derive it easily at any given time.
Revise all the concepts regularly.
If you do not like the numerical part, start early! Get used to the numerical part. Solve each and every numerical in the NCERT book (both, solved and unsolved). Physics papers compulsorily have numerical so there is no escaping it!
Do not forget to learn the S.I units (if any) for all physical entities.
After you finish your syllabus, solve questions from CBSE sample papers 
Take  Board Class 12 Physics Chapter Wise Tests
How To Get Above 90 In board 12 Physics: Tips For Scoring Good Marks During The Exam
Tips to score good marks in board 12 Physics are as under:
• During the exam, try to write your descriptive answers in points and give pictorial or graphical illustrations wherever possible. It enhances visibility.
•  Scan the paper before answering.
• For long answer type questions. Before starting, frame a skeleton of the answer in the margin.
• Be crisp and to the point in very short questions.
Also, if you are preparing for JEE (Main and Advanced) or NEET, you need not worry. Preparing for boards will help you in these exams. Take tests on which will help you personally to improve with its amazing feedback. Entrance exams are equally important as board exams; so, do not neglect it. To do your best in both, you can practice on  for each chapter and take tests as well.


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