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by Vijay Garg
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Nowadays, every field of work has become advanced, so as the educational sector. The educational field has diverse change as compared to the gone times. New techniques are introduced into the system and this advancement is going on day by day. The grading system is also one of the techniques which are used in the education.
Generally, the grading system is the process by which educators evaluate the performance of the pupils in exams on the standard particular scales which is based on the points entirely and consist of the grades like A-F or range like 1-10; generally, letters and numbers are used to describe the grades of the scholars. In past times, marks and percentage were the only ways of assessing the students in their exams but today, mostly all the nations adopted this system of marking the students in the exams.
What is GPA?
GPA stands for the Grade Point Average. It is a method to find out the student’s average grade in a specific time period i.e. in one semester/six months. It is calculated by dividing the total points earned by the total credit attempted where total points find out by multiplying the grade value to the credit attended and total credit attempted is the sum of all the credits attempted.
What is CGPA?
CGPA stands for the Cumulative Grade Point Average. It is a method to find out the overall performance of the candidate throughout the year. It is calculated by adding up the grades of all subjects and divided it by the total number of the subjects.
What is the purpose of the Grading System?
The main purpose of the grading system is to give clearance to the learners and educators about the performance of the pupils in the respective subjects and field of study so that both can able to do work on the weaknesses and achieve good results. It is the important factor through which teachers determine the efforts of the students in studies. The primary purpose of the grading system is to determine the achievements of the student achieved in the study. Also, to motivate the students, grades put into the practice as students make efforts to improve their ranking.
What is the History of Grading System?
The grading system was invented by the William Farish, a teacher in the Cambridge University, England in 1972. He actually wants to know that what is going in the mind of the students, whether they got the topic or not. So grades help him to find out this thing. Actually, the grading system originated in the factories to rate up against the production quality whether the product which was made is of good quality or not.
What are the Advantages of Grading System?
There are numerous merits of the grading system as listed below.
Determination of Weakness and Strengths:
With the help of the grades the weaknesses and strength of the students will be identified and they will work on the weakness and turn the weakness into the strengths. Also, they will polish their strengths and take it to next level.
Low Score Pressure: The grading system lower the pressure of getting high marks as the students because in the grading system the actual marks obtained by the student are not written on the report cards so that they don’t have to target for good marks, their main target is to achieve good grades.
The pattern of Grading:
It relies upon the advanced pattern, as grades are not given according to the academics only; other things are also considered while making the decision like achievements, assignments, attendance etcetera. Students can perform a little in all modules for getting good grade instead of getting good marks only by performing well in academics.
Simple Studies:
Grading make the study easier as the students with intention of getting pass marks only can easily achieve their target whereas the learners with the motive of achieving high grades can split their study into different sections and perform well.
Classification of Students:
With the grading system, teachers are able to classify the students into the different groups like bright students, average students and below average students so that teachers can pay more attention towards the average and below average students and make the concept clear to them in a better way because every individual have his own understanding capability.
Parent’s Attention:
By knowing the grades of the child, parents also get aware about the capability of their child and provide better resources to the child so that he can perform well like some students require extra coaching so at that time parents can arrange that if they know about the standard of the child.
What are the Disadvantages of Grading System?
There are some demerits of this system also as discussed below.
Decreased Performance: Decrease in the performance of learners is one of the drawbacks of the grading system. As students know that they can easily get the targeted grades so they don’t put the much efforts in the studies and also if the student’s target is the A grade, he knows that if he gets 90 marks he will be put under A grade so he doesn’t target for the 100 marks.
Accuracy in Result:
The grading system fails in showing the accurate performance of the students. We can only get to know about the grade achieved by students instead of the actual ability of the student.
Competition Decreased: Students just focus on attaining the passing marks instead of putting their main focus on getting highest marks, this result into the decreased competition among the learners which make them lazy and drop their intellectual level.
The grading system demotivate the bright students as the grade A range is between 90% to 100%, so the student who scores 90% get grade A on the same hand the student getting 95% also get grade A due to which brighter student lose his confidence.
Increased Lethargy:
As we know that assignments, projects and attendance are counted in the grades. So, students perform well in these activities and got grades instead of performing well in exams which results in the increased lethargy.
Every coin has two faces, so there are some merits of the grading system and some demerits. For some reasons this system is good for the education sector and for some reasons, it is unfit. We hope that in the coming days there will be beneficial amendments make in this system so that it will be helpful for the education sector in all aspects.

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