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Everyone should be interested in reading literature

by Vijay Garg
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Literature is the mirror of society, while living in society, we make compromises in the lives of others, the good deeds of life as the basis of our life.  But by comparing the misguided decisions made by them with our own lives, we learn from them and save lives from being ruined.  ‘Literature’ is a web of words.  In which the writer presents his imagination in such a creative way that he expresses his own personal experience through words and makes the readers feel through his written words everything that he himself has experienced.  Happens.  It reveals the great truths, hardships, thoughts, circumstances and feelings of life and paves the way for those who want to take this path up and look at life up close.
 What is even more astonishing is that it involves the exchange of ideas only through words.  It is now up to the writer to determine how well he is able to portray the words so that any of his writings will move like a movie reel in front of the eyes of the reader and the reader will be happy with the author’s writing.  Be happy and feel sad inside at the time of the tragic event and the cheese of the heart flows from inside him through the eyes in the form of tears and comes to his face and the matter overwhelms his unconscious mind so much that, at all times he  Think about what he read in the book.
 We had a lot of co-workers, they had the power to change humanity.  Reading literature is very important, because it controls everything that grows inside every human being.  At the same time, critical ideology is born in the mind.  Which directs the thinking of human beings in suppressing the evils prevailing in the society, oppression, segregation, high and low, caste and vices.  Literature helps to reduce the pressure on a person ‘from society’.
 Through literature we gain knowledge on ancient subjects like medicine, history, society and psychology.  Reading ‘literature’ is not for everyone.  Reading literature requires humility, grassroots thinking
 Books are hiding the meaningless ocean of their inner knowledge.  Reading books makes the mind better.  According to an English scholar, books also have their own types, some are just for taste, some are for swallowing and some are for slow chewing and digestion.  That is, some books we read in sections, some books we read for food, some books are such that we read them with ease and focus our attention on them.  Books are like true friends.  Which remain in our lives forever and from time to time guide us like a good guide.
 It is very important for every class of people, from children to adults, to read books, but it is even more important to learn from them and apply that knowledge in your life from time to time, so that in the ups and downs of life.  Seek the help of bookish knowledge.  To prevent the state of mind from deteriorating further.  Because books do not distract us, when we read a book, we find ourselves floating in a sea of words.  It also frees us from internal tensions.  As it is commonly said that need is the mother of invention, we can quickly find the solution to any problem by comparing it to the solution of the event written in the books and about our inner mind, worries, fears, someone.  Don’t even know  We don’t have to be ashamed of anyone.
 Just as there is a path in the life of every man from birth to death, so there comes an age in the life of a person, when his thoughts start flying in the amber with their wings, their feet do not touch the ground, every  Sweet music is heard in the object.  Imagination is out of control, everything seems like poetry.  At the same time there is a great need for literature, because the mind is afraid to share any idea with anyone.  Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally.  Then he turns to literature.  To find a peer who matches your tender feelings, subtle thoughts, but these peers are nowhere to be found.  Only poems, stories, essays, plays, novels stand shoulder to shoulder in such times and support them and accurately express the flow of emotions.
 This moment is the most critical moment of life.  At this time whatever picture comes to mind is a line on the stone.  Wrong language, wrong vocabulary, wrong ideas, light literature can ruin a person’s life.  D.  Destroys like an explosion of ‘X’.  But if good literature, good vocabulary, excellent ideas and high quality writers are given to the society at this time, then only the face of the society can change.  Everyone can create their own life.  One can live a high quality of life.
 Life is incomplete without literature, because it is very important for us to know about our past as well.  If we don’t know our history, there is nothing we can do.  As the saying goes, “Nations that forget their history are destroyed.” Everyone should be interested in reading literature.
 People who don’t read literature can never move on with their lives.  Their ideology is towards human beings, from positive to negative.  The person in whom there is no room for tender feelings and fine arts, becomes a demonic instinct instead of a person.  His every thought smells of human violence.  Humans begin to look like insects to him, he has no control over his thoughts and emotions, he becomes a hard hearted devil.  The existence of God is almost eliminated from his life.  He cannot even dream of a higher life.  The absence of literature where it creates space in life.  The existence of literature gives birth to human substance, humanity and good ideas in human beings, which is literature itself.  This is the truth of life.

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