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Manipuri women and their tolerance

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By: Nganthoi Lourembam

Manipuri women are the most tolerant women in the universe. No amount of jewelries can buy her tolerance and sensitivity . They’ve been the flag bearer of being tolerant in the state and for the next few generations they ought to remain the same. All thanks to our patriarchal society which will never fail in dominating the barren folks. When we talk about being tolerant the living example of ImaKeithel is a proof. Some said that the Ima market is an example of women empowerment. But, with all my might I defy the statement. The living market is an example of women working fearlessly and feeding the drunken men since time immemorial and it still continues the same. The market is the only oldest women market in Asia and we are proud of the title but not the logic of women working to feed the family members (what was the man of the house doing, then?) Since the olden time a culture was set that women have to earn living hood and that’ s the reason men had nothing much to do but to drink alcohol and sell off his land. Not only going to market and selling stuff, the mothers come back home and do the household chores as household chores are untouchable for the Manipuri men. I really must appreciate the mothers of Manipur who’ve been and still bearing these drunkard husbands and sons.T alking about women empowerment the Government declared to build women markets at every district. And if that is the definition of women empowerment I am really disappointed. Is the Government encouraging all the women to only sell vegetables and not see the real meaning of growth in life? Why Ima market? What about building women’ s hospital or universities/colleges? Women have reached the moon but women of the state are still struggling for equal rights. Once I was waiting for my brother to arrive at the ImphalTulihal Airport, a young girl came who was supposedly going to Delhi. She looked really adorable; she got long hair which was curled beautifully spending a lot of money in the salon, I think, and she was wearing a short pair of jeans. Even though I am straight I just stared at her and said ‘wow’ to myself. Apparently there were some guys standing behind me and passed the most wretched comment ever , ‘look at her , why will others respect Manipuri women. Instead of wearing such dress she could have come naked.’ I really felt pity on those guys for having such pathetic mentality . Let me tell you why women want to wear those mini skirt or short pants, because it is so damn comfortable and it’ s my skin whether I show it to others or not that’ s my right. Even if there is fast development in infrastructure and other stuff the mentality of the people is quite under developed and a long way to develop. And the funniest part is if some powerful women sought for their deserving right they are being blamed uncultured or anti-social. One of the popular actresses in the state just expressed her opinion about getting married to her choice of husband became talk of the town and trolled her for the honest answer . In short, the state doesn’t allow anyone – I meant any women to express their opinion or feeling so it means freedom of speech is not valid for the women folks.Their rights are impeded; they can’t reach home late at night, they can’t wear short skirts and they can’t speak what they want – why? Because, simply they are women.

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1 comment

Dan February 22, 2018 - 11:30 am

But isn’t the condition of women in Manipur better than the rest of India?Ima Keithel is unimaginable for women in most parts of India.And the guys just commented on the girl’s clothes,but in most parts of India she might have been groped.Events in a modern city like Banguluru mass molestation happened.


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