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Love is Blind because the person is crazy….

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By: Heisnam Lakeshwar Singh

No. I am not talking about my love story. Today in a newspaper I saw an article that tries to prove the most famous saying “love is blind”, it says, when a person falls in love, some kind of hormone (like adrenaline) secrete in his brain, which stops the function of most part of the brain, which inhibits the decision making ability of the person. Then suddenly I remember Brain Adam’s song “when you love someone” – in which it says “you will deny the truth and believe the lie” – how true he was. If it is the case, do you think, loves someone a wise decision? Rationally and logically speaking – nobody wants to be blind. What is the purpose of life? OK, it is a big question; many philosophers already wasted lots of time in thinking and discussing it. Let me simplify the question, why we work? Why we are after something – maybe a job, career, lover, Car, recognition, status, etc. so desperately? Motivation! Yes motivation, the reason for getting happiness and satisfaction. Does it mean that inhibiting the function of those parts of the brain is actually a good thing because that gives us happiness?
But in actuality, associating the term “blind” to it is wrong. We need to accept the difference among the people. We have grown up in a different environment, in different time, and because of that our personality, attitude, behavior and likes & dislikes is different which is decided by thousands of variable factors. (I could form an equation like this P = k (a1,a2,a3,…………………….an), where P = person, k = constant, a1,a2, …an = variable factors). Variable factors may include family culture, friends circle, society, genes, food etc. Sometimes we need to open our mind completely, losing all those learned & installed programmed software, values, beliefs and attitudes to understand the people around me in a better way. Last time when I visited my home, I have been roaming around with my friend. Though we have grown up together, today our roads are directing in different directions, it was festival season, therefore we had a very good time together. We all have different personalities, obviously because of different thinking, though now I am a talkative person (as compare to my childhood), but with my old friends, the old me Mr.Llistener was with them. I tried to speak, crack jokes etc. but I was nothing in front of them. From my few friends, I learned about being crazy. BEING CRAZY! You must be thinking what I mean of being crazy.
Being crazy and blind, is not much distance between these two things, particularly to a person who is truly, madly and deeply falls in love with someone. I have heard the story, my friend told me, he was crazy about a girl, and for her, he was ready to do anything. He told me, “Boi (my childhood friend call me with this name), I loved her so much, I was like – I can leave everything for her, I was even ready to pull the rickshaw if I get her”. Suddenly I thought, God! Was he blind because of love, or was he stupid or something, then later I realize, he was actually crazy towards her – LOVE. Going to a completely unknown place, very far from his home crossing the most dangerous place (known for insurgency problem) with a bike in rain just to meet her, say hello to her, is actually a very crazy thing he did. Now he is happily married (to another girl, who actually loves him very much) and leading a very happy and successful life. I also see a friend, very simple guy, and met his girlfriend; he said he was after her for two years, next year they are going to marry. Some are working, some are doing business, I mean most of my friends are settle and living a happy life. This is the place, where I was grown up, and I had to leave it to find the happiness I was looking for, far away from it, still seeking like young guy Santiago seeking for treasure, in The Alchemist. (No. no I am not going to reveal about the treasure I am looking for.)  
Don’t think that I am talking about love alone, I am talking about Craziness, which I found explaining through love is easy. We should find something in our life; towards it we should be crazy enough so that we forget everything to get it, to achieve it. And not doubting about doing it and having it. The good thing about the craziness is – we know what we do and we never feel shy of doing it because our destination that we know, many don’t know, is very beautiful. The people we talked about and read about in books have this craziness, Bruce Lee to martial arts, Mahatma Gandhi to Non-violence, John Lenon to his music. 

******* The writer is Head ( Academic & Admin), JCRE Global College, Babupara, Imphal. He can be reached at: [email protected]

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