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Face book’s messenger

by Huirem Naresh
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By- Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Hi! Hello! Hlo!Hola! He delivered;
Babe! Bae!Honey!Sweetheart! He addresses me;
keitourino? Keidourino?keitourige? He enquired me;
Where’re you? Where’re you now?
What are you doing now? He asked,
Questions by questions; I can’t even answered all;
Hooked up by those repeating questions;
I wondered what may I could have given answers;
‘Eating, sleeping, washroom, drinking,
Bathing, driving, dancing, listening,
Sitting, reading, feeling, dull, lazy,
Selling, waiting, doing, angering,
Peeing, standing, bending, yawning,
Bathroom, cooking, drinking, holding,
Walking, tired, gossiping, meeting,
In the bed, inside the class room,
Nothing, something and everything;
Ah! Mobile phone’s my asset I use to hold on;
Every second, every minute, every hour,
He’s the best simulator worth too much.

How are you? How are you doing?
Everything’s fine? Long time not seen!
Happy to see you! I’m lucky that you reply me!
Where you stay? Where you belong?
Which country you belong? Reply me? Text me;
You didn’t talk to me? I’ll un friend you;
Charabra? Chak charbra? Kari chare?
Ensang kari chare? Kari ensang chage?
Nungairibro? Nungaina leiyu? Nungaina leiba mallida;
Query by questions; I can’t even answer all;
Examining and enquiring; how may I be?
Filled up with those proposes, I hung up messenger;
Popping out so quickly,’ ting ting ting ting and ting’
Ah! What a day, what a mobile handset sounding;
Muting and silencing; lowering and reducing;
All’s strangers’ texts and all’s considerations;
Every second, every minute, every hour,
The best solicitous caring I ever have.

I love you, I care you, I need you;
Show me this, show me that, share me picture;
Why’s you complicated? Married or single?
Do you like it? So tender and so thoughtful;
Many a more and much a worst definition;
He cares and he delivered too much;
I unread those and I deleted all;
Still irritating and so annoying he is;
Questions by questions; I can’t even answered all;
Do you husband know you’re online?
Does your husband allow you to have face book account?
Maddening and simply provoking;
I wondered how troublesome I’m?
How disobedient I’m? Awful and accursed;
Watching and observing, witnessing and beholding;
Ah! The best ever expensive gift I got;
My mobile and its messenger’s massages;
Every second, every minute, every hour,
The best solicitous caring I ever have.

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