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How to Win Money Betting on Baseball

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Football and basketball tend to dominate the legal sports betting industry, but baseball is a sport that shouldn’t get left out. There is an opportunity to win some serious money when betting on baseball, but only if there is a solid plan that is in place.

If you are sitting down to make MLB picks today then you are likely looking to win some money. This article will give you some important information to help you on that journey, but every path is going to be different.

Following these steps is a good guide as to how to win money betting on baseball. 

Determine a Betting Unit

Before you even start betting on baseball, you want to determine a betting unit that you will use for each game. Choosing a betting unit is part of a larger bankroll management system and this is an important step to making sound financial decisions.

It is usually a good idea to use the same betting unit for all of your wagers, but there is no rule that states this has to happen. Your betting unit can also change from time to time, but you want to make sure that you are being consistent. 

Do Research

If you are going to win money when betting on baseball then you are going to have to be willing to do some research. This is true with all sports, but it might be even more important when it comes to baseball.

Statistics and trends play a huge role when it comes to the outcome of baseball games, and you need to find this information in your research. This is definitely not the most enjoyable part of betting on sports, but it might be the most important. 

All About Starting Pitching 

The first thing that you need to look at for each game is the starting pitching matchup for that night. Baseball has become a sport that is dominated by starting pitchers, but not all starting pitchers are equal.

Your research shouldn’t start and end with simply looking at the starting pitching matchup, but you are going to want to start there to get a good feel of the game. 

Check Injury Report

After you have taken a look at the starting pitching matchup, the next place you are going to want to look is the injury report. Every team in MLB has an injured list, but that isn’t the only place to check.

There are going to be some injured players that don’t end up on the injured list but still aren’t planning on suiting up. Do as much research as possible when looking for these injuries to ensure that you don’t miss anything. 

Look at Different Betting Options

Another thing to remember when betting on baseball is that there is a long list of betting options out there. The moneyline might be the most common betting type found when betting on baseball, but there are others that you should look at as well.

In order to give yourself the best chance at winning some money when betting on baseball, you should also explore run line and over/under betting. 

Focus on Live Betting

Baseball is one of the best sports out there when it comes to live betting because the game moves at a slow pace. That will give you more time to study the live betting options, and this is actually one of the best betting options to use.

If you are following along with a game then you should start to get a feel for how it will play out. This is a great time to take a look at the live betting odds and make a solid betting decision to win some money. 

Regroup and Refresh

Every team in Major League Baseball plays 162 regular season games a year, and this is an incredibly long season. There are going to be betting opportunities every single day, but that doesn’t mean that you should always make a wager.

It’s important to take some time off during the regular season to regroup and refresh along the way. If you don’t give yourself some time to rest then you are going to wear down and fail to make good decisions at times. 

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