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Is the cleanliness drive another publicity stunt? Garbage seen pile up at many places in Imphal city

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Ranbir Mangang
Imphal, April 26: We have witness a mass cleanliness drive campaign carrying out in and around the Imphal City under Imphal Municipal Council (IMC) area till date.
The campaign is mainly carried out to give awareness to public to keep the Imphal City clean and also to prevent unwanted incidents as garbage is vulnerable point for any explosive to be hidden, as far the cases of various incidents which have took place in the last few years. Unfortunately, garbage heaps have started resurfacing in several parts of the city though cleanliness drive carried out under the leadership of MAHUD Minister.
While going through the Imphal City it was found that huge garbage has been pile up in a area commonly known as the Chandu Wine Shop under Majorkhul area, MG Avenue, Imphal. Despite the drives were conducted in the heart of the city, the clogged drains, the piling garbage of plastics and other non- bio-degradable items stand as the mute testimony in the Chandu Wine shop in Majorkhul area.
Question is that how come an area under IMC is left un-notice by the concern authority so far. Next to the pile up garbage lays residential houses and lines of whole sale shops and yet they didn’t even bother to complain for the removal of the garbage.
 Are the Government and its agencies playing with the mind of the public showing off to the gallery of their works? Shouldn’t they seriously get down to the business of executing their work? Only sweeping the dusty roads and collecting garbage seen by the naked eyes is not the solution. One can notice garbage and waste materials at the Nambul river, some stuck at the foot of the bridge. Not only this, people still have the habit of disposing garbage and waste materials in the river especially at night time taking the advantages of the dark. “Imphal Municipal Council Bye-Law (Cleanliness and Sanitation) 2011 in the State Gazette, the IMC has decided to impose fine against people who violate the bye-law by littering and disposing waste materials and garbage at unsuitable places within Imphal Municipal area.”
Where have this law gone, why action have not been taken? Is this law just for namesake? The garbage pick up truck even fails to fulfill their duty of collecting garbage from door to door for every single day, instead they round twice a month or sometimes takes months but when the time of collecting money they never fail to turn up. During morning walk to get fresh air, many finds garbage piling and other miscellaneous loitering around, unfortunately morning walkers are breathing the polluted air which in turns creates many health problems. Hope that the Municipal Bye-Law has taken care of this or else the very process of picking up and clearing the garbage will stand defeated. One cannot remove dirt from one place and dump it at another in the name of clean city plan. Apart from the penalties to the defaulters of the law, the Government should seriously get down to the business of strictly enforcing a ban on disposing garbage and waste materials in un-appropriate areas. One also must remember that to keep the city clean, citizens should also give co-operation to each other then can only sustain the cleanliness in the city.

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