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Save Myanmar, Save Humanism

by Rinku Khumukcham
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By- Themneivah Sitlhou
How do democratic country differs from that of military and dictatorship country? Before answering that let’s discuss briefly the importance of human rights. Human rights are natural rights which cannot be restrained by human laws. It includes Right to life, liberty and property. These are the requirements of a person to fully grown into a social beings. Individuals are the fundamental contributor of the nation. Only when their rights are protected they will be able to exert the best of himself for the country. In olden times fulfilling the country’s law by any means was the end of a country. With time passes, people became the centrality of a nation. Laws and public administrator now becomes the means to protect an individual interest from injustice. For such, international organizations such as UN was established. It succeeded in preventing another disastrous war to broke out. Since then the world face a new beginning of life where a democratic country promise it’s citizen freedom, protection and justice. Despite of this, there are some countries who are lagged behind and still stayed under the supervision of a military or a dictator. The world has done whatever it can to free them and Myanmar is such one.
Recently Myanmar is once again overtook by military coup after bitten the taste of democracy. They retained their democratic leader, Aung Suu kyi. A latest parliament election was conducted on November 2020 which end up with the victory of National League for Democracy lead by Aung Suu Kyi. She is a noble peace prize awarded. She is famous for the long struggle for democracy and human rights in Myanmar.On the other we have the Largest opposition party, Union Solidarity and Development party lead by General Min Aung Glazing. They claimed that the election result was fraud. Their act of dissolving the election is unconstitutional where the security council is not consulted and president is detained. Drunk with the prospect of power, General Min Aung Glazing do all means to retain his power and expand his term.
There are protest going on in Myanmar and Military are doing anything to suppressed them. The matter got worsen since neither of the party are ready to give up. People protest fearlessly by putting their life on line and there are military who fight against the public brutally. Total number of deaths from the public has surpassed fifty. Not to forget, there are also many more unidentified killings. There are numerous people injured everyday during the protest. It is not something they fight after money and power. They are fighting for their human rights and liberty. But for them it is the return of the nightmares they faced before independence. Just how much they loss to gain independent from foreign rules just to get another dictator in future?! Alas! They got the same dictator from their own people. Our prayers are with them. Myanmar is restless. Their desperate souls are crying our for help! Life are sacrificed and people are tortured mercilessly. Our grievance for them. Yet this is only the beginning. Sooner or latter it is obvious that their media would be suppressed which will cut off their tongue. How can we enjoy our freedoms when our neighbors are fighting for their rights. How can we rest in peace when our Neighbors are dying and donot even get a proper funeral. Let’s hear out their voice and let us not lose anymore of their souls.
This is not just a matter for Myanmar but the concerns of all over the world. Human rights should be respected and minority rights should not be harmed. We are born with our nature rights and none can snatch it away. Let us lend them our ears and hear them out their voice. Let us give them our heart and fight together with them. Be it a matter of life and governance there is always a presence of evils and goods. The world is not free from evils as there is always a person who runs after glory. However we shouldn’t be disheartened. When we joined our hands together, the good of the people will always win in the last. We should not pray for the eradication of evils rather than we should always outnumbered them and taught them a lesson where they cannot buy away humanity with power.
India is a neighbouring country of Myanmar. We support democracy in Myanmar but also believe in non- interference. India had a friendly relationship with Myanmar be it under military or democracy. India should not provoke it’s relationship while supporting the rights of the people. Dated back to history, India always welcome refugees from neighbouring country and extend its help. Rohingya refugees from Myanmar is such an example. Even this time There are refugees from Myanmar who take shelter in Mizoram. Despite of our good intentions ,this is going to hamper our foreign policy with Myanmar. India should take a wise action against these refugees keeping in mind the agreement it signed in UDHR 1948 and Article 21 of our Indian Constitution where it promised The Right to Life.
There was a time when India formed a Non- Alignment with a like minded countries where they distance themselves from the two super power Blocks. This was the time of 1990s when World war took place. NAM differs from neutrality (a state of non- involvement). It donot involve the policy of no action when it is wrong. It involves independent and full action based upon self-judgment and national interest. India donot take part in the Cold war between the two super power blocs but it do anything to being peace in the country and in the world. India should learn a lesson from this and should do the same which it had done to Myanmar as well.

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