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Lockdown Repairs Environment

by Rinku Khumukcham
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By – Parthajit Borah 

All the living beings are inextricably associated with the Nature and resourcefully dependent on it. It is a natural phenomenon administering creation to production for the survival of all living beings. At the wake of the greatest civilisation among the countries,  its resourcefulness and need have been intrigued. As a result,  modernisation, globalisation and industrialisation have been mushroomed in the interest of prosperous future. Extravagant human made civilisation relating to modernisation perniciously threatened the sustainable behaviour  of the earth. On the shoulder of Science and technology,  human has almost reached its optimum level. Unquestionably, it optimises human life agreeable to meet the best needs. At the successful peak of the civilisation as well as advancement of medical science, low mortality rate emerged population growth. 
The recent growth of population irked environmentalists, naturalists and authority as enormous population demand access to take shelter. Unjudged distortion between developing and developed countries called on elephantine trouble to the future of human society. It fuels the advent of poverty, unemployment, stagnation, food crisis, international conflicts etc.  The present world population is estimated to be 7.8 billion. Every four days the world population increases by one Million. The population of India is estimated to be 1, 37,6751999 .
The establishment for human sanctuary is the outcome of deforestation,  loss of important animals, endangered animals, climatic changing etc. Scientists have catalogued about 14 Million living species with which mankind shares the earth. Estimates vary widely as regards the still uncatalogued living species,  biologists reckon that about three to a hundred million other living species still languish unnamed in ignominious darkness. Here,the saying of Mr.L.K.Jha , the honourable member of the world Brandt Commission receives relevancy at the current context. 
“Are we to leave our successors a scorched planet of advancing deserts,  improvised landscapes and ailing environment?”
Optimum utilization of natural resources and its future potentials can never be disregarded but at the same time we must develop a transcending concern denoting the survival not just of the people but of the planet. At the dawn of Science and technology,  machines are powered to keep down human labour. Natural habitat is lost at high rate. New multinational companies trace their feet and countless avenues start over the marketing of the goods. Raw commodities, the best use of electronic gadgets, telecommunication, computers, convenient transportation , trading all have disrupted the sustainability of the earth. Many European countries mainly England dramatically announced their Industrial Revolution, science progressed so rapidly. 
The thought of environmental consciousness and it’s protect has been thriving since ancient civilisations. Rousseau, Aristotle, Sophocles,  Buddha, Socrates, Sankardeva etc influenced human community through their writings, sermons and teachings. It is a prime appeal to all of us irrespective of caste, creed to aid our cooperation in making awareness for the earth and our environment. During the days of lockdown around the most of the countries for infectious COVID 19, the earth along with the inertia is restarting in the interest of human worldly strength.
A few happy landscapes of the recent world have captivated us e.g the clear water bodies of exquisite Venice city influx in a natural way which was never seen before. All the crowded and rich cities of the world have abruptly changed. The roadways, clean sky, filled oxygen released some amount of old dirt of the environment. The intoning of unseen birds in the edge of the roads and their merrily tour are extraordinary. Actually this overwhelming natural change is required for the wholesome future of mankind. The dominance of the animals over the earth is another sight of attraction during these days. It seems that global aristocracy tires at naturalization. It’s a journey of return to the nature. The question of human survival and succeeding enlightenment of human society is to be depended on the nature. My literary oeuvre is to impart our loving attitude toward environment and the earth. We should change our mental makeup and cruel cognition toward the earth .We must proceed to contrive a democratic, scientific and long termed global policy to arrest natural degradation in the coming days with same treatment of the lockdown days.

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