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The dawn of a new-normalcy: think about it

by Rinku Khumukcham
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The world today is haunted by COVID-19 pandemic. Rich, poor, male-female, caste- creed, etc. all have been affected either in one way or another. Human being continues to find a solution and maybe the day is not far that the virus is contained either by finding a cure or eradicating it from the entire planet. But it will not happen as desire. For almost half a year the virus has been invading human kinds and there is still no guarantee on how long it will keep haunting us, as mankind is still yet to find a solution. It may take another half year, a year or more, and as long as a solution is found it seems that the people with exception to few, especially in this part of the globe are going to live life like prisoners. Either because the authority lacks a proper mechanism to contain the virus or it is wiser than them, four months of lockdown didn’t help in the state of Manipur. If the four months lockdown hasn’t helped how could one be convinced that another weeklong lockdown will help people in protecting themselves from the attack of the virus? There is no doubt that the virus now spread to people who have no travel history or who are not frontline warrior, which indicates that the transmission is probably taking place among the community.
The worst thing witnessed in the last couple of days is the attack by the virus to one of the frontline workers assigned at the COVID Control Room. When an attendant of a hospital got infected, or even when a health worker was transmitted with the virus laterally, it is logical, but when someone assigned on official works for controlling the spread of the virus by stationing at a far of place from either quarantine centers, COVID Care Centers or hospitals, it is a perfect indication of failure in taking up measures to contain the virus on the part of the government. It showed that nothing like an awareness campaign has been taken up with a dedication to making sure that people were made to understand how to be protected from the virus. When a person working in the COVID Control Room got infected with the virus it naturally is a sign that even people assigned to control the spread of the virus have not yet understood to remain protected. When a person like him could not be properly educated about the spread of the virus how could one expect that common people across the state are given proper awareness that has to be taken up during the prolonged lockdown. If the prolonged lockdown hasn’t helped what is the use of another lockdown as it is not going the change.
As there is no guarantee on how long the virus will be with us, those authorities who are responsible for protecting and running the society now need to find for the restoration of normalcy but should not forget that the normalcy that we are talking about here is a neo-normalcy. Even if a cure is found in the course of time life cannot be resumed to the kind of life of pre-COVID-19 Pandemic. A complete change in normal life will only let society march forward. Rules and regulations for the running of government and private offices need to be restructured, the schooling system needs to be reformed and leaders and those assigned to run the society should clean their mind as enjoying alone with suffering all around will not give happiness to them.
This lockdown even though is uncalled for, the government should think of working out a plan for a new beginning and for resuming of new normalcy, because human is and will always be social animals always.

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