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The blunder in Indian Political system: Is democracy still accountable?

by williamgurumayum
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India – a nation that was given birth by the British colonial ruler, is in deep trouble, as the ruling government seems to be in the process of making the country a centralize nation using spellbound diplomacy to sideline the concept of federalism enshrine in the constitution of India, by using every possible means. The definition of secularism as understood universally, which is again in the preamble of the Indian constitution, is slowly interpreting in a way that people in power at present think it right from their perspective by inventing specific types of ideologies.
There are critiques on how India becomes a nation. A sub-continent which is at present the seventh-largest country in the world, with a total area of 3,287,263 square kilometres is now a home of countless multi ethnic communities. Over thousands indigenous language speaks in this region, but luckily English and Hindi is accepted as a langue-franca of all communities. The country is free for any people to choose any religion that they felt is better for them as the constitution of the country granted.
Now the country is emerging as supper power and has have the capacity to play crucial role in building peace across the globe. Even though all citizens of the country which are expert in their own field whether it may on politics, diplomacy, science, etc. have their own contribution in the making of India a strong nation. The concept of unity in diversity is a force that tied us all to make the country move forward. But then we have every reason to give credit to the present prime Minister for his commitment to make the country marching ahead.
When everything is going to the right direction, there is one big blunder in the politics of making the country a stronger or say the strongest nation.
When the making of democracy relies on the respect for all human being irrespective of their caste and creed or whether on which religion he or she belongs to, playing with a kind of politics riding the religion card is something that will bring omen to the country. Mixing religion and politics together is a danger game that causes major problem to the politics of the people.
As history stands true, we as Indian cannot deny that India is a young country with rich cultural heritage. Hinduism, Christians,  Muslim Religion , or other indigenous religion practitioners have their own pride of being what they are. If any move to distort the beauty of the each of this religions is every tried by using means which people will not agreed from their conscience, then the government (which ever be it – Congress , BJP, or any other political party ) is making its own crematorium.
The recent statement of Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh had spark series of protest and criticism as it stands as a fact that Manipur became a part of the Indian Union only in 1949 and Hinduism started followed by the people in 17th century only. How could the Hindu mythology have connection with an erstwhile nation which was not even known when the two great epics – Mahabaratta and Ramayana was written. Every Meitei Hindu believes Bhagawat Geeta as a holy book, but what is the need for building a mythological connection with the region when the real script says nothing about it.
CM Speech at Madhavpur fair not only insults the people of this region but also it confuses the sanctity of the Hindu religion which is base Bhagawat Geeta.
Let things be as it is and let our leader have a second though to make sure that the holy book of hindu is kept as it is by not utilizing it for political purposes.
Playing with religion  for political gain is a real insult to the religion itself and the future generation will blame our leader more modifying the true scripture of Hindu’s Holy books if it is manipulated for political purposes.

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