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Sharmila, don’t go for election, lead people to vote for change and repeal AFSPA

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Manipur is an incredible land. People takes just a few second coupled with hollow promise by politicians to change the mindset and take them forget the 16 years of sacrifice made by a lady , now popularly called Iron Lady. August 9, this year will be engraved to all the politically sensitive people of the state. It will be remembered by the people of the state generation after generation, not because the AFSPA crusader had stopped the Ghandhian style of protest but rather the activist herself has been made believe that electoral politics is the most effective tools to fight a social cause. A world figure, a believer of non-violence has said that she stopped fast protest as it gave no affect and to achieve her goal she change the strategy of fighting the most heinous draconian law. Many people appreciate her decision to change strategy for repeal of the dreaded act. But on the other hand many are making mockery of her decision as they know that election is different from the real issue. It is about money, power, relatives and Delhi.
Having said so, Irom Chanu Sharmila is can be an effective factor of the upcoming 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly Election which is just 100 days from now. Not only people in the state but people from across the country as well as some from aboard particularly those working in the field of Human Rights consider her as an icon. But her popularity decline here in her home state not because people have forgotten her sacrifices but because she chose something which is considered as the last refuge for scoundrels. Election regalia, as experience from what has been happening in the last couple of terms, it is clear that no sincere persons, who are willing to sacrifice for his or her state, had ever succeeded. It is history and is known by everyone. In democracy, election perhaps is the best way to protest or bring reform, but necessarily that he or she should go for it. The term politics and fighting election is for scoundrel can be change if people across the state are well aware and educated on whom to elect.
This is the point that we in the Imphal Times wanted to put up. Irom Chanu Sharmila can be an effective factor to change the mindset of the people if she kicks campaign to let the people understand about electing qualified and committed representatives. But things will not be that effective if she herself chose to contest election.
Every concern human rights activist, senior citizens, scholars ad not the least those who love their motherland wanted a change. But lack of efficient leaders had failed to bring about a change that many people have been awaiting since the last couple of terms. Campaigns to educate voters to choose the right candidates in the upcoming poll have been witnessed in the state. These campaigns are organised by various social bodies. But the unfortunate part is that they campaign without communicating each other as there is trust deficit even among those leaders of the organisation who wanted people to vote for the right person. This is a clear sign of lack of an efficient leader. This vacuum can only be field if Irom Sharmila, the AFSPA crusader comes out and unit all these organisation to work together.

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Desmond Coutinho October 15, 2016 - 3:01 pm

A free press would help. Sharmila is offering the people a chance to vote in a fresh set of people who wish to serve their State and will not offer bribes for votes. In a poll published today 9% of Manipuris are said to be in favour of her standing. That’s nearly 3 lac people. What is your readership again. My understanding it’s limited to a few hundred and most of those on-ine and not actually in Manipur. If she can get 9% of the electorate to back her before she stands perhaps more will vote for her party and vote for change. It’s called democracy. What Suu Kyi still fights for in Burma. Government of the people by the people for the people what makes it dirty is that you inisist only the corrupt should stand. I do not know what the people of Manipur will decide on Election day. But it is unlikely that the press will matter given that you are definitely made up of scoundrels who report only what they are told to report by violent thugs. The fact that often you don’t get bribed to do so but are merely bullied perhaps is sad for you. If democracy is accepted in Manipur you may get the opportunity to criticize your own MLAs without fear or favour. And if the people choose to have it so AFSPA can be gone from Manipur at the latest six months after the election. I do hope I don’t have to explain DAS to you again.


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