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Save Sharmila; constitute an inquiry

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It’s almost two days, story encircled around Irom Sharmila still continues. But one part missing in almost all media is the issue of AFSPA. Today’s media seem to have forgotten that Sharmila is known across the Globe for her historic protest against the draconian Act AFSPA. What is ironic is, when Sharmila decided to stop fast-unto-death protest and change the strategy National Media is seen crowded in Imphal city. Almost every big channel carries the story of Irom Sharmila. Media went live and for those who are watching the whole scene closely it is easily noted that something unnatural was notice to our Iron Lady. And why not, she has been detained and force fed in custody for around 16 years, except for those assigned to look after her, no one knows the kind of chemicals injected to her.
Sharmila’s protest for the people of the region in particular had given much headache to the Indian government authority who thinks the country will not be able to govern without the help of draconian act like AFSPA.
With the name of Sharmila spreading far and wide, Indian democracy was many a time put to the center of criticism by world community. For this reason it is natural that the Indian authority finds a way to make her a mockery.
But her protest becomes so powerful that, anything needed to end the issue (Sharmila’s) must be carried out shrewdly.
When Sharmila said that she will end her fast and continue to struggle against the AFSPA by contesting election it was indeed a wise decision. But when she started spelling out her desire of getting married than it turns out to be illogical. And one thing that is needed to ponder upon is – what made her mind believed that contesting in the election from the CM constituency will make her become the CM of the state? When she said that she will fight election from the constituency of Chief Minister and become Chief Minister in front of whole the media, it definitely showed her immatureness in the field of politics. When she knows nothing about how a person will become chief minister than what made her said that she will become chief minister?
There is a conspiracy going on.
And another thing that is matter, is today’s news story carried in a specific newspaper at which she told that celebrating Indian Independence Day is an insult to the people of the region. There is no linking to what she said in the jammed court room on that day and the kind of statement that she told to the news reporter of that specific newspaper. This is unnatural and one need to ponder on what is the present state of Sharmila’s mental status. What changes is seen to her since one person called Desmond Cotinho (an NRI) came to her life. Earlier, before the NRI appeared everything was okay, the issue of AFSPA was drawing attention to almost all the people of the country. She talked with sense and there was no misunderstanding.
At this point of time it is worth recalling the Bollywood mega movie “Peepli live” at which a one character called Natha was projected as an issue. Instead of focusing on the issues of the poor farmer the media giants of the country rushed to the village and dramatize the issue to push up their TRP rating.
“Peepli live” was no different from what has happened in the last two days here in Imphal. This is said so because to anybody who listen to Sharmila during the press conference held two days back, the person if have sense will definitely said that her mental state is not sound.
In our yesterday issue we proposed the fellow Manipuris who want to save Sharmila to urge International Body to constitute an enquiry into the matter of how Sharmila has been treated while she was in the hospital. And today too we in the Imphal Times propose an enquiry conducted by an independent body under the supervision of International body like the United Nation to find out what has been done to her while she was detained in custody.
Issue of AFSPA should not end with the mission accomplishment to Sharmila’s long march; let this be another beginning on the fight against the draconian act.

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