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Need for a different approach

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You know you have an enduring problem in your hands when the first thing your child enquired after waking up is whether there is a bandh or blockade announced for the day. The uncertainty and distortions in the daily routine has begun to run so deep that most school going children have given up on their daily routine that was supposed to instill discipline and shape their future. What is more worrisome is the fact that the constant bickering and incessant chants of separatist ideologue have started to seep into their young minds. There are also an increasing number of people coming out with their opinions against the incessant disruptions in normalcy, raising the question of implementing an alternative method of pressurizing the state government rather than the steps being employed at present which is evidently doing more harm to the cause of enforcing the implementation of the ILPS in the state. What about inconveniencing the elected representatives of the people rather than the public themselves; as a prolonged stifling of the general public will eventually give rise to animosity and negative impact on the issue as for most of the people in the state, wasting a days’ work would often mean a step closer to starvation, not to mention the immense loss of revenue for the already fund-starved state. Who are we really targeting when we prevent a sick or wounded person from availing that much needed and vital medical help because we are frustrated at the inaction or indifference of the state government? Have those officials of the organizations spearheading the agitations and blockades ever considered the ever growing feelings of resentment against the methods, which are almost always destructive, being used to demand their various issues? What difference is there left if the agitating parties are getting immune to the concerns and condemnations of the common people- the very point for which agitations are being organized against the state government. The level of frustrations of the common people can be gauged by the fact that quite a few individuals have even come out to state their objections against the bandhs and blockades which have become so regular that there is now an overlapping of upto three or four bandhs and blockades on the same day, albeit for different issues which might be genuine.
The growing consensus of the common public is that there has to be another way of drawing the attention of the state government and, or putting pressure to take up issues other than bringing the state to a grinding halt. The present system has to go, and with it the ingrained habit of mindless destruction and mob culture. It is time to adopt a posture of controlled aggression so that the interests and economic conditions of the common public is affected to the minimum.
The state government also should consider the various demands and take up timely action for the deserving issues without delay or fear of public opinion. A good point to start is by increasing communication and transparency.         

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