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Molehills to mountains

by IT Web Admin
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If ever there is anything that can be said about the present government in the state with absolute certainty, it must have to be the knack of turning a miniscule molehill into a formidable mountain. It has, indeed in the last fifteen years elevated this over-practiced indulgence into an art form. When the authorities entrusted with the responsibilities and endowed with the power to make good the social ills and keep in check the various activities deemed dangerous and harmful to the public turned a blind eye to their very duties, it is but natural that there will emerge an individual, body or group to take upon themselves the responsibilities and duties that have been neglected and ignored. In fact, examples of such a situation abounds in our state, so much so that it has become a second nature for the state government to dither and maintain a stoic silence on matters pertaining to public grievances and complaints until matters reach the tipping point when social disruptions starts to go beyond control and all hell break loose. The widespread and contagious dereliction of duties have spawned a parallel set of authorities albeit without the official or legal sanction, yet one which is proving to be more effective when it comes to dispensing the required work. Take the municipal corporation for instance. What this office should be performing as a routine work has been found ignored, the result of which can be seen and felt more in the heaping piles of garbage and the revolting stench that goes with it- so much for the excitement and the expectant hope of turning the state capital into a smart city- a stinking smart city to be more precise. Add to it the glaring fact that those at the helm of affairs and are the most trusted representatives of the public are abusing their power and authority to cover up the misdeeds and excesses blatantly committed by their kiths and kin, with not even the slightest display of concern for the long suffering and much frustrated people who, fearing the brunt of retribution from these incorrigible brats, chose to look the other way, as the state security forces have evidently chosen to throw the law of the land out the window and take side with these very persons who are granted unofficial sanction to run roughshod over the entire state and its machinery as if Manipur is a legacy handed them by their forefathers. The resolute unwillingness of the state government to reign in these problem-children or make them toe the line speaks volume of the inherent weakness and inability to uphold the interest of the general public. But everything has a shelf-life including these social freaks tweaking and twisting the system and their authority, influence or personal connections to enrich their personal coffers. A whiff of change is slowly yet surely starting to blow across the state, and if things do not improve drastically, the whiff will transform into a gale, blowing out the power mongers into oblivion.        

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