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by williamgurumayum
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A startling report about the uncovering of an illicit affair by a married woman who ran away from her husband’s home during his absence, leaving the man to be accused of murdering the inexplicably missing wife grabbed the attention of the people in the state. The plot could have been something straight out of a superhit thriller, but unfortunately it happened to be one experienced in real life. The embittered husband, having already subjected to time behind bars despite his pleads of innocence, over and above the social ostracism and physical assaults inflicted by the mob who had their way and passed their own verdict even before any attempt was made to consider the truth, have now expressed his decision to demand justice for the pain, humiliation and injustice done by the mob and the government. The unfolding of events have once again brought to the limelight the ugly face of mob influence which is increasingly prevalent in our society. Somewhere along the way, we, as a group, have become restive, impulsive and inconsiderate. But the greatest concern is the growing negativism and distrust being displayed towards anything that has got to do with the state government and its ways of administering. We have taken to implementing destructive and disruptive means at the slightest instance to air our grievances. Perhaps, it is a reflection of the growing dismay and lessening confidence in those who are supposed to be upholding and dispensing the law. The increasingly apparent chasm between the haves and the have-nots, between the influential and the commoners or the powerful and the general public is a clear indication of the extent of disconnect that has come to exist in the society today. But is it right to vent our frustrations and anger on any and all incidents without considering the situation? What are we trying to prove when we assume the role of the judge and the jury without extending the opportunity to be heard and be represented? Who are we to act on our own assumption that the family of a criminal will always be as guilty of the crime? How do we seek to improve, rather demand the improvement of the law and order situation when we ourselves are hindering the process and taking away the atmosphere conducive to its functioning? On the other hand, why is the government and those who are responsible not exercising the authority to upkeep it, rather than engaging in its abuse to their own personal advantage? Why is the government letting the mob pry away its hold on the responsibility to dispense fair and fast justice? For a government to govern successfully and efficiently, an efficient, just, swift and upright stand need to be taken when it comes to the question of law and order. Discrimination, lethargic and favoritism in dispensing justice or administering law is bound to make matters worse.

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