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It was a petty matter but sparks turn into flames destroying all the integrity that bind us together. Had I know the tendency I should have remained as a timid salaried employee. The boldness that I considered necessary to being in the second topmost position of one specific department of a firm fails to impress the management team. The decision of the committee to retire me over a scuffled with my boss on the matter of inserting a news item lacks to show in-depth understanding and attitude of both my boss and me. It was rather a decision carried away by emotion.
In the nature of service we are providing to the people either by becoming an employee of a firm or individuals we need to deliver our service without fear. We need arguments and sometime the nature of argument arises between us created a deadlock or perhaps leads to catastrophe.
To the words of famous author AG Gardener –all laws are made for human needs. If the laws no longer serve the convenient of the human being, it needs to be review. There is no such rule that “decision” once taken should be absolute. If the decision taken in the state of urgency or anonymity has hurt the sentiment of score of people including the particular community at which the “decision” was taken for, then there is no harm in reviewing the decision. There is no reason to regret for what had happen for anger had no boundary and realization should be welcome offering a room for forgiveness. But even a burning charcoal need some few hours to cool down. And human heart too certainly need time to cool down.
This is all about the incident that had created a deadlock between my boss and the firm that we have been serving with heart and soul. As for me I have done no wrong by starting an argument with my boss as I am paid for doing so. By challenging the decision of my boss I am showing that I deserved for what I had been serving for the firm. In the same way my boss was right from his own perspective. But still then we have every right to clash and express our indifferences during the course of rendering our service. We both are doing that for the cause of improving the firm. Both of us did not have any personnel gain. At this juncture, I think my boss had every right to decide and award me penalty what deems fit for me. And I also have every right to challenge his decision. I can raise my objection to his decision by showing my concern for the job that I had been assigned for. Had my boss awarded me some penalty for acting against him (even though I was right) and had the management hear an explanation from me and served me notice I would have no reason to let other knows my inner voice.
The story does begin and what is good is that we all now are steps ahead of what we had been. Now I ride in a different boat but I am happy that we are all riding in the same river even though the boat that I ride is comparatively small. 
Now my journey is completing 3 years tomorrow and with zeal to serve the nation I along with my team is opening up a new chapter on what more we in the Imphal Times can contribute to the future. In connection with our 3rd foundation we are organizing a discourse on FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION at Manipur Press Club. We hope our readers will not hesitate in attending the new initiative that me and my team is taking up.

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