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Independence Day; Govt. needs trust to the essence of patriotism to all citizens of India

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The ethos of celebrating the nation’s 72nd Independence Day is to provoke the essence of patriotism to all the people of the state. It is already 71 years that the country witness celebration of the Independence Day but the kind of obstacle face by people of the nation in celebrating the Independence Day at certain part of the country from within the citizen showed that there has been something wrong to the building of the nation after British freed us.
Almost every year sensing probable disturbances from the so called unwanted elements but who are in reality the citizen of the country, security has been beefed up across the country particularly in the capital city New Delhi where the main function of the day is going to observe. In the state of Manipur too the state government is working out whole heartedly to celebrate the day. Security has been beefed up across the state to foil any attempt to sabotage the celebration in the wake of the rebel threats to boycott the most important event of the country. The government has logistic reason to take extra ordinary care for grandeur celebration of the day. Having said so failure to keep the mind free to all the citizen who want to celebrate is a sign that proves that India still is yet to become a successful nation.
In the present context there is no guarantee that various anti social internal forces which are being fuelled by external elements will not try to sabotage the celebration of the day. And every action is justified even though it breaches the privacy of some of the responsible citizen of the country.
The search operation being underway at various part of Manipur as security measures to ensure the Independence Day celebration might also have logistic and justifiable reason. It is the duty of the law enforcers to filter the anti social elements which are potential of making disturbances to the Independence Day celebration. But what need to be properly define is that – Are the law enforcing agency disturbed every citizen in the name of searching anti social elements from a specific area. Is the kind of so called cordon and search area at we hour acceptable by the law of the land. Is the law of the land empowered the government authority to harass the citizen by making them stand for hours in the name of flushing the anti social elements? Since the last few days many people , mostly innocent civilians were called out from their homes and make them stand for hours while the police are conducting verification of one after another. Some were reported to have been picked up for further verification but almost every one of them was released the next day. The kind of message which literary means that the search operations were conducted not only for filtering the outlaws but also to prove to the higher authority on the kind of security measures they are taking up.
So when the police are all out to their way to please their authority, they are harassing the local people who are preparing themselves to celebrate the Independence Day. While standing in row for hours while the men in khakhi are verifying one after another, the kind of thinking that, “Are we the second class citizen?” sometimes comes to the mind.
When the state government needs to seriously tackle with those civil society organisation leaders who had openly announced to stay away for the Independence Day celebration, one wonder why they have been directing the police to harass the people in the name of conducting search operation. 72 years is a long year to recognise the importance of human rights of the people.
It is time that government of the free India needs to throw away the colonial attitude of the British government, by reconstituting the nation in the right way correcting the wrongs.

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