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Glimmer of hope

by IT Web Admin
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Just when the public is bracing themselves up for an increase in the turmoil our state has been embroiled in for as long as anyone would care to remember, a pleasantly unexpected news of sorts have managed to lift the mood of the people in the state, if ever so slightly. And the Government, not one to let go of such a rare opportunity for trumpeting their achievements, made sure that the event does not go unnoticed. The Chief Minister even managed to look positively nonchalant while mentioning the name of the contractor who managed to complete the Chingarel Bridge three months ahead of schedule- a feat which could very well be termed a miracle in our state beset with delays, cost overrun, scrapped projects and abandoned public constructions. This very unusual although welcome development could even be made to be the precedent for others to follow and improve upon, if there is made to exist certain means of rewarding or providing certain incentives for those who can exceed expectations. More importantly, the event opens up possibilities for laying down tighter schedules for the contractors to follow with accompanying level of inspection and observation by the authorities, which will, in turn, quicken up the pace of development in the state. The Chief Minister was merely stating the obvious when he mentioned that a developed and efficient system of transportation and communication is a true indicator of the level of development of a place and that without a proper means of transportation and communication, no development can take place. Communication not only brings people and cultures together, but also breaks down the psychological barrier preventing people of the state from mingling with those of other states. Strange or awkward customs and traditions can be gotten used to, and even learn to appreciate the diversity of cultures in different places. Better means of transportation opens up new avenues for exploring and understanding the diversity in the society which leads to increase in communication and ultimately cooperation between different groups, castes or creeds. Removal of fear or distrust is a prerequisite for initiating progress. It also empowers the people to access and utilize hitherto unknown and unavailable resources and opportunities. But the biggest benefit will be that of the ability to dispel preconceived notions about other groups and regions while promoting goodwill and help foster positive outlook in general. The improvement in every conceivable aspect of life of the people living in far flung and remote places cannot be stressed enough, and the resultant increase in the productivity of the state due to the improved life of these people cannot be discounted. The Government have, pulled out a winner, whether by intention or otherwise and the public should not hold back in their applause and appreciation for such positive developments. one can only keep the fingers crossed and pray for the good run to continue. The state Government must, meanwhile, stoke the enthusiasm and integrity by leading with example. For now, the expectant public is quietly celebrating, albeit with a tinge of suspicion. The onus of removing the last remnant of doubt lies with the Government

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