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Election seems not for people, but for with money and power; People need to change for a better Manipur

by Rinku Khumukcham
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For many years, politicians or in other words aspirant candidates of the general election have been treating the people more like the wild cat of circus. Everyone knows how the dangerous wild cats are being tame to make them act the way that the wild cat tamer/trainer like. To be precise the modus operandi of taming the wild cat is making them hungry for long and later feed them by commanding the wild cat to act as per the will of the trainer.
The same phenomenon is seen being practiced in the electoral politics of Manipur, but the irony is that even after knowing the facts; people are not ready to accept it. They consider those providing whatever they need (short time) as their master, by ignoring that the assistance provided to them at time of needs are from the money which is actually mean for them.
Covid-19 has taught us many things. But people are not ready to learn what we have been taught. The same thing we have seen during earlier election times is certainly going to be repeated in the upcoming election too. Aspirant candidates who don’t have enough money to spend are certainly going to lost, aspirant candidates who have little relatives besides money are not going to win certainly. All we are going to witness is the major politicians which have both money and muscle powers plus having big relatives and of course those who were already represented after getting elected from their respective constituencies are going to see coming up.
Issues of hijacking peoples’ money in the name of construction or any form of contract works will not be remembered. Deteriorating roads , issues about non-availability of fertilizers, hijacking of public money in the name of constructing infrastructures for the marginalized people are never going to be remembered when election time come. Almost all voters are certainly going to be wooed by crocodile tears of the aspirant candidates. The much talk about ideological base politics is a joke and is likely to remain for long.
Elected representatives who have been tested time and again are likely to be re-elected and some who had earned a lot by hijacking peoples’ money with whatever powers they have may also come up. People who believe in politics as their religion but are against looting of public money and thus remain poor will have no place in the upcoming state assembly election as usual.
This phenomenon is understood by each and every politician who will be contesting the election. And so ideology or loyalty to a political party is not an issue. The only issue is winning the election and that too is by going side by side with the political party which is in power at the state or center.
In a democracy, an election is the only hope for the survival of the common people. It is the often term as festival of democracy and it is also a time when those who are corrupt and unqualified representatives in terms of running and serving people can be wipe out. But this is not going to happen and certainly, Manipur is going to face the worst if people do not realize the importance of election and join hands to change the earlier system.

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