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Daylight robbery: Will the govt. waits for evidences?

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This newspaper had time and again drawn the attention of the government on various issues of daylight robbery in front of the public eyes. So far no effective actions against the so call looters of public money have been taken up as per the law of the land.
On May 21, 2018, Imphal Times carried a news story about how the proprietor of M/S M.R. Roller Flour Mill located at Mantripukhri here in Imphal had taken loan amount of Rs. 8 crore from the State Bank of India, MG Avenue using fake documents. The report also highlighted on the failure of the firm to file tax return for some specific period. A day after this newspaper broke the story, civil society body reacted and demanded clarification from the side of the SBI on how a person could be granted loan amount of Rs. 8 crore using fake document. The State Bank of India authority responded nothing regarding the matter, instead, the proprietor of the M.R. Roller Flour Mill convened a press conference saying that documents he submitted to the bank were genuine and allegation levelled against him were baseless. He also showed some document to support his clarification.
The proprietor while trying to defend himself once more cheated the media people as the document he submitted to the SBI M.G Avenue for the loan application is with the Imphal Times. The following day Imphal Times published another news story countering Mr. Mahendra’s calrification by publishing two different Jamabandi – one the fake Jamabandi which he submitted to the bank and the other which is with the Settlement department. So far no action is seen initiated against the proprietor neither inquiry is conducted against such fraudulence by any of the concern government authority.
Imphal Times also reported on how the M.R. Flour Mill had cheated the taxation department by not filing tax return since the financial year 2015-16, and also about two bounce cheque he issued to his staffs.
This is not only the case of cheating the public in broad daylight. Some happenings in front of our eyes which needed no evidences have been left without any checking.
Talks about quality works by the state government under the Chief Minister N. Biren Singh appeared to be a mere joke to fool the public. Concerns Ministers’ actions were seen to be for media stunt proposes.
Right at the moment any person who do not even have the knowledge of how black topping are done will easily find the differences of two black topping works in two neighbouring lane of two Assembly segments – Singjamei and Langthabal.
Black topping works are being underway at Aheibam Leirak also called Jaganath leirak in Singjamei Assembly Constituency. Similarly, the same kind of black topping is also underway at Oinam Leirak and Motum Leirak of Langthabal Assembly constituency. This two lanes where the black topping works are being taken up are neighbours and locals of the area know how differently the works being carried out even though they have no knowledge on how black topping should be done as per the Public Works Department guidelines, but people know one among the two contractors working is cheating the public money in front of our eyes.
The one Jaganath Leirak is being done in quite a satisfactory way that people started asking whether he will have any profit in doing the contract work. While the other being underway at Oinam leirak and Mutum leirak appeared to be something which he thought people are fool and will have any idea of what he has been doing.
Works Ministers Th Biswajit had many times directed for control of quality in black topping work to his department authorities, but so far none of the officials had come and inspected how the works are being carried out.
Developmental works taking up in the state are from the tax money that we the common man paid. Not every citizen may be direct tax payers but every citizen pay tax indirectly. Every commodities we buy everyday includes tax and it was from the tax that the developmental works are planed and taken up.
This tax money we paid is being looted in front of our own eyes and we remain quiet even after knowing that they are looting us. The government authority are also doing nothing to punish. A mere clarification like we can’t check each and every work will not be justified as there are full strength staffs to perform their duty.
A cycle thief, or a small time pick pocket often died in the hand of mob violence but those looting huge amount of our money are left without complaining anything. A Grade IV employee will be suspended for taking tips of Rs. 100/ but people who looted in lakhs and crore of rupees are left free.
Do we need evidences for taking action or conducting enquiry to the way that public money are being looted in front of our own eyes.

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