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Dangerous mental segregations

by williamgurumayum
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Life in the valley is just about started creeping back to an uneasy lull after the bout of unbridled furore and mayhem, and then came the deluge. The incessant downpour have left thousands of villagers in different parts of the state homeless, while vast tracts of cultivated lands along with the crops have been inundated. Besides the inevitable outbreak of water-borne diseases that is bound to follow given the inability of the state government to respond to the calamity in time, experts predicted a very glum economic downturn in the very near future. The grim predictions do not end here. With the way the drafting committee of the ILP system formed by the state government is evidently running into legal and ethical roadblocks, one could hazard a guess regarding the outcome of the much anticipated bill which has to be completed within a month with half of the stipulated period already gone.
And as if to add to the already overflowing cup of woe of the public, recent events have added another undesirable aspect to the whole imbroglio. A social media group has started defining and segregating groups and communities which have hitherto been coexisting and cooperating on every social and cultural events and issues as a vital component of the social make-up of the state, unfortunately from the narrow standpoint of their limited faculty. Various caustic and potentially destabilizing remarks and comments that could potentially add another chapter to the already damaged social structure has been made with wanton ease. This very act shows the lack of sensitivity and seriousness of the present situation, not to mention the fact that these pseudo-intellects have been used to drawing conclusions based on the limited knowledge so far acquired. The present movement for implementation of the ILP system in the state is not only to safeguard or protect the interests of the Meeteis or Meiteis (which again needs further clarification and deliberation as to the correctness or relevancy of either of the terms), but is meant to provide protection and preservation of every indigenous group or community that has been cohabiting in the region through the ages. Further, it is for the benefit of those misinformed pseudo-intellects that there still is yet to officially determine the base period which will determine the status of indigenousness of a community or group of people. This caution should be understood and followed by every group who are predisposed to tipping the social balance in their favour. It would be a fairly safe prediction to make that any individual, without any exception, would like to see his or her community develop and progress. Anyone, however intellectually, spiritually or academically gifted or learned, would definitely be lying if they claim otherwise. However, the fact remains that our freedom of expression and personal opinion extends only till it borders with that of another. Infringing on the rights of others would tantamount to violation of the very basic right and freedom we are gifted with. A broader outlook is needed to ensure that the aspirations and wishes of the various communities are fulfilled. We also need to cooperate and coexist, especially as people of the North East instead of inviting conflicts if we are to stand any chance of warding off the exodus from mainland India.          

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