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Behavioral experts have, time and again, extolled the virtues of positive reinforcement- of the benefits of appreciating a right move or action, however small, over the detrimental effects of criticism and discouraging remarks. The same views have increasingly been used in the fields of education and different forms of therapeutic practices. The same idea would undoubtedly work, if the experts are to be believed, for our much maligned and harassed government. Looking at the bright side to start with, the ruling government had been able to stabilize the fiscal deficits and financial instabilities faced by the people of the state during the time of the previous government. Progress has been made, and is still making strides towards development in various fields including power, public amenities, water and other necessary public infrastructures in the state. All these efforts are worth appreciating, and have been felicitated by various social organizations and groups on many occasions. Getting the consensus of the entire population of the state is an almost impossible task, given the different and often contrasting views and opinions professed by each group of people or community. Nevertheless, efforts are still apparently being made to cater to the greater good of everyone. This unenviable task being borne by those in governance should be something everyone of us should bear in mind while dispelling our opinions and views on matters relating to public governance.
Yet having said that, it is a sign of human adaptability and progress that one should learn from mistakes- the sooner the better. It is also another unique human trait- perhaps the most important one that distinguish ourselves from the rest of the animals is the ability to rationalize and control our emotions and thoughts. The present scenario unfolding in front of the public regarding the handling of public affairs by the representatives of the people still leaves much to be desired. The collective dilemma of the present government is obvious in the confusing and often self-contradictory ways things are being handled. There is a visible lack of transparency and responsibility in all spheres of public service, while the law and order issue still plagues the common people no end despite the assurances from the government of making remarkable strides in this regard. For those of us who cannot afford personal escorts or unworthy of state-sponsored security measures, the ground reality is still frightening and fraught with danger- from both sides of the ideological and political divide.
The most disconcerting questions plaguing the minds of the general public is: why is there still an apparent lack of cohesion and coordination between the different departments and sections of the government? Why has the general public been unable to shed the uneasy, insecure and suspicious feelings for the state and central security forces ostensibly deployed to safeguard the common public? What earnest and sustainable measures have the government taken up till date to address the burgeoning educated unemployed and qualified people in the state? How much of the long-drawn plans and policies regarding the development of commerce and industries have been implemented so far? Are there any plans and policies to guide and support the pioneering entrepreneurs and industrialists whose endeavors will decide the future industrial and commercial prospects of the land? Why couldn’t or shouldn’t the state government open a dedicated grievance cell to entertain and address genuine complaints and issues concerning the various departments from the distanced general public if its much publicized claims of the ongoing efforts to improve governance is sincere?
The bewildered public is still seeking an explanation to these and many more apparent discrepancies in our society, and still hoping that perhaps the government would be earnest enough to answer these nagging questions, and own up to its mistakes and blunders. The entire population of Manipur will whole-heartedly appreciate such a bold gesture.

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