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A way to make Manipur the best – utilize doctors with better facilities

by Rinku Khumukcham
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Every child is not born genius, but every child can be groomed to become a genius if those guiding them understand the hidden talents in them and cultured them to become the best in their field. Saying so, it is too early to judge that every genius kid needs proper guidance, as we have seen many with extraordinary talents which they learned from various sources including youtube videos, e-books, and video shares at Facebook. Manipur, the erstwhile kingdom, which was recorded as the 2nd sovereign nation to form a democratic country in entire Southeast Asia with the adult franchise have produced many extraordinary persons with exceptional skills in their respective field.
In 1891, when the erstwhile kingdom was invaded and colonized by the British Empire, many highly train Manipuri warriors have fought the British soldiers who at them have advance amours and guns, with indigenous artillery and swords. Leaving aside the history of how the British conquered Manipur and put the kingdom under their control, what we would like to focus more on is the courage of our ancestors.
Everybody knows that During the British put the Kangleipak under their control many changes had been made. Western education was introduced (Perhaps for their benefits in running the administrations). However, the introduction of western education turned out to be blessed with some people getting lots of knowledge and finally use the wisdom for the cause of the erstwhile kingdom.
Two years after the British left India as well as handed over the sovereign status of the erstwhile kingdom, Manipur became a part of the Indian Union (Maybe in a controversial way). From 1951 till 1990, the Indian government had improved a lot in the field of education. The framers of the Indian constitution felt that education is the backbone of the nation. But the education system adopted was a copy of the system that the British have introduced in the country. It was only after 1990 that some philanthropists introduced a kind of teaching method to make sure the genius in every kid be extracted and groomed to make sure that each student plays their role.
Today, India produces the best educationists who led the Google group. Indian Scientist today takes major roles at various developed countries including Germany or the USA etc.
As for the state of Manipur except some few almost all extraordinary students have left not only the state but the country to serve humanity to other developed countries. In the United Kingdom, a Manipuri origin Doctor who completed his MBBS at Regional Institute of Medical Sciences is leading a team in treating the dreaded COVID-19 patient. A base mate of this doctor now, working as a Psychiatrist consultant in Wales of Australia is among the world-class psychiatrist team to prepare treatment for patients who may be affected due to the lockdown to contain the COVID-19 pandemic.
And it is a matter of pride for the state of Manipur that, the erstwhile nation still has excellent doctors and health workers who have dedicated and recovered COVID-19 patients, that make Manipur a COVID-19 free state and included in the green zone list issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs.
One thing that the government fails to understand is why our doctors were not allowed to study the nature of the unknown disease (COVID-19) by sanctioning additional funds for research when the two patients were undergoing treatment. Specialize doctors working at both RIMS and JNIMS would have been eager to do more research and they have the opportunity to do so as they have positive cases. Who knows, Doctors in Manipur could have been the first to discover the treatment procedures if they were given the opportunity.
While the state is prepared everything to counter the COVID-19 pandemic, Doctors should be allowed to research the nature of the disease by assuring all expenditure. Remember, Doctors at RIMS and JNIMS are perhaps one among the best in the world, but only thing matters are supported by the government to do more study in the nature of the virus.   

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