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What is Study Burnout and how to overcome it?

by Vijay Garg
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It is common to feel tired after a long day of back to back lectures in college. Even feeling like a need for a break after working extensively on a project report or any other such assignment for days at stretch is fairly common among students. However, sadly it is also common to feel tired all the time no matter how little of work you had for the day. To lack enthusiasm or feel disengaged from your studies especially during exam time is very common for college students.
Boredom, lack of enthusiasm, feeling stressed and unable to concentrate on your studies – when a student experiences them with a high frequency they all point to the signs of study burnout.  Experiencing study burnout is a fairly common issue among students. And unlike the commonly perceived notion it is not that big a problem, once identified it can easily be overcome.
What is Study Burnout?
It’s a phenomenon where a person is unable to concentrate on the work or study and constantly feels distracted and uninterested in his task. To explain the phenomenon of burnout in further depth researchers have broken down into three parts:  Experiencing constant ‘Exhaustion’ i.e. struggling to concentrate, feeling of ‘Cynicism’ i.e. feeling alienated from your studies, and finally ‘Inefficiency’ i.e. unable to learn your topic or complete the task in front of you.
How can you identify the symptoms of study burnout?
The signs of a study burnout may vary from student to student. It depends on the students ability to perform under pressure or tight deadlines. However, it is a common misconception that burnout is a result of studying too hard for too long.    
But the earlier one identifies the signs of a burnout the quicker one can overcome the problem. Here are some indicators that the students should keep an eye out for-
Sudden Lack in their academic performance
Constant feeling of mental exhaustion
Zero Motivation
Inability to focus on the task in front of them
Constant feeling of fatigue
How to overcome the issue of study burnout?
Overcoming a study burnout is easy, but a little difficult to undergo. One of the best ways to overcome a study burnout is to take a short break. However, to do so students face two different problems. One group of them feels that taking a break would hamper their flow and thus they don’t want to take one. The other however fears to take one because they believe that won’t be able to stick to the short duration and would end up having an extended one, thus wasting precious study time.
But taking a break is necessary for sitting and staring at your books for hours without being able to concentrate or learn anything new is also a waste of your precious study time. Better to take a break and come back to studies feeling fresh and recharged. Some interesting break activities that students usually undertake are-
Taking a power nap
Take a shower
Go for a short walk in the park
Call a friend
Eat some snacks
Listen to music  
Get some other pending work done
Taking a break is quick, effective but only an immediate cure for the issue. It helps you overcome the feeling of study burnout at a particular moment. However, if you are experiencing study burnout quite frequently you might need to take some other measures to overcome it.
Most people experience frequent study burnout because of their habit of procrastination. When a student procrastinates, his studies and lessons pile up and during the exam time he has a big load of topics to learn. Leading to the feeling of anxiety and pressure build-up that ultimately leads to study burnout.
Here are some important pointers for the students to keep in mind to avoid experiencing study burnouts too often.
Plan a disciplined study schedule
Make notes regularly with classes
Make sure you get adequate rest    
Find yourself a comfortable place of study
Make a  plan for everything from your studies to free time
Eat Healthy
Exercise Regularly
Follow these steps wisely and you will experience less and less of study burnout. You can also add some of these habits in your daily routine as they will help you improve your concentration and learning ability. 

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