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There is a world beyond studies

by Vijay Garg
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Today most of the parents tell their children that if they will not study, they will have no future. The parents think that studying is the only option available for their children. They think that children should devote their full attention only towards studying. Most of the parents want their children to fulfil their dream of neglecting the dreams of the children. Everyone wants their child should become a child to become a doctor or an engineer. So, the parents force their children to study all the time. But they do not understand the fact that studying is not the only thing important in life. There is a world beyond studies also.
The One Way Thinking
According to the normal thinking of the parents, if their children have to be successful in their lives they need to become a doctor, pilot, engineer, CA, police officer and nothing else. Today if we see engineering is the most common profession the youth is opting. Out of this population, there are many students which do not want to become an engineer. They are pursuing their degree just because of the pressure from their parents. These kinds of students never succeed in life. This type of mindset of the parents is totally wrong. Just to fulfil their dreams or wishes they are spoiling their child’s future.
After the completion of class tenth board results, the students have to make a choice about what profession they want to opt for. At this stage, some of the students are forced to choose medical or non-medical and become a doctor or an engineer. Some parents understand their children and let them follow their heart. But the other kind of parents makes studying an only option for their children. There are some children who want to do something different. They want to become a fashion designer, chef, sports player, actor, actress, model or anything different. But the parents do not consider these professions as good. The parents look at what others are doing and want their children to do the same. If a person in their neighbourhood becomes a doctor or gets 98 per cent marks, they expect the same from their children. They force their children to enter into the world of a tough competition of marks and compete with others. For this, they are just forced to study.
Consider an example; a tenth class student scored ten CGPA in board exams. He wants to become a chef. When he tells this to his parents, parents say, why do you want to waste such wonderful intelligence for cooking food, you should become an engineer. Following his parent’s advice, the boy chose non-medical as his steam standard eleventh and twelfth. He gets up at 5 o clock in the morning attends a two-hour tuition, goes to school for six hours, again goes to tuitions for approximately four hours, and comes back home at 6 0 clocks in the evening. But this is not the end of his days studying routine. He is supposed to study for another four to five hours. For the next two years of his life, he is just supposed to study for 17 hours in a day and sleep for the remaining hours. On one fine Sunday morning, the boy asks his parents if he can go to the movies with his friends after all it is his holiday. The parents tell him that he should utilize his holiday for studying; he has been given a holiday for doing self-study and to revise all the work done in the previous classes. This means that the person can do only one thing, that is studying, he has no other option.
In some cases, it is not the parents who force their children to study, but it is the students themselves. Looking at the other students who study more than them, they study more. They enter into a competition with them. They get stressed when they get a mark less than their competitor. To fulfil the gap between their marks and the marks between their competitors, they study for more hours. They ignore their health; they ignore other necessary aspects of life and make study the only aspect of their life. These types of students need to know that there is a world beyond studies.
What is the World beyond Studies?
Apart from studies, there are other important things in life. It should be understood that a student’s body and mind need some deviation from studying. If a student studies for the whole time, he will not get the results he wants because there are other needs of the body or mind which need to be satisfied. Some of those are:
Playing or Physical Exercise: The human body requires physical exercise. When a student studies regularly, his brains get tired. At that time some physical exercise is required to freshen up the mind. Studying regularly without breaks is not at all beneficial. When our mind gets tired it will stop absorbing new information. In this case, the student may study for hours but it will not be of any use because he will not retain anything which he read. When a student includes physical exercise in his routine, his mind becomes all the way fresher. The physical exercise can be of any form. It can be a small game of cricket or badminton in the evening or a short walk or jog in the morning. It could also take the form of meditation. During physical workout done in the fresh air, our body consumes more oxygen which directly reaches our brain and increases our concentration power. Therefore, physical exercise is very important for the students. Usually, the parents or the students themselves think that playing in the evening or physical exercise is just a waste of time, instead of it, that time can be utilized for studying. This mindset is totally wrong. Moreover, physical exercise makes the body healthier, and the student will not fall ill easily, which will help his study. Also, playing and physical exercise can be chosen as a career also. The person can become a sports player or a coach. He can teach other people the art of staying fit. Hence, the world of students should also include playing or physical exercise.
Fun and Enjoyment: A student’s life is the dullest life if studying is the only thing he does. A dull life can never be productive or fruitful. It is very commonly seen that the students say no to movies, parties or get together organized by their friends because they or their parents think that it is a waste of time and they should utilize this time for studying. But this type of enjoyment in life is also necessary. It does not mean that the student is out with his friends enjoying his day. This type of outing shall be planned once in a month or forty-five days. But it should not be ignored. If the parents force their child to sit at home and study instead of going out with friends, the child will not be able to study. He will be studying physically not mentally. His mind and concentration will be with his friends. He will keep on thing what his friends are doing, whether they are missing him or not or how much fun they are having without him. At this point, the student may compare his own parents with the parents of his friends who sent their children for the outing which could lead to conflicts or misunderstandings. The students who themselves ignore such outings for studying are also not doing right. After a few time, they will themselves feel how dull their life is becoming. When they grow up they will regret that they did not enjoy their college life or school life. One outing with friends will not harm their studies. Therefore we can say that the world beyond studies also includes fun and enjoyment.
Family Time: A short span of time spent together in the family is very beneficial. It brings the family closer and this time is the most enjoyable time. When each and every member sits together and is having a fun time, the student should not be told to get up and go to study neither the student should ignore such a time for studying. Family time is important. A small family trip should be organized once in two or three months. This outing freshens ups the minds and removes stress and tension. The students become all the way happier and will now be able to study with more concentration. Outings with family should not be ignored or postponed for studying. The family is the immediate next thing beyond the world of studies.
Consequences of Staying in the World of Studies
When a student studies all the time forcefully or by his choice, he becomes weak, stressed, or depressed. In the end, it may be seen that the people who enjoyed their life along with studying also get the same marks as the students who just studied and ignored the enjoyment. This because of the fact that the brain gets tired and it needs refreshing. A student who stops enjoying his life will ultimately get depressed. Studying is important but study only that much which your mind and body can absorb or handle. Excess of anything is always harmful. There are some students which compromise their sleeping time for studying. This is very wrong. A good seven to eight hours of sleep is required for the human body. If this is not fulfilled, it will lead to restlessness, anxiety, stress, and depression.
Excess of anything is harmful. Excess of study and excess of fun and play both are harmful. Study only that much which will not harm you. Moreover, the students should be given the opportunity to choose their careers themselves. If this is not done, the students who forcefully study a subject in which they do not have any interest just because of their parents will put the blame of their failures on their parents. Parents should guide their children but over guidance is also harmful. Sometimes this becomes the reason for suicides in the case of teenagers or the sensitive youngsters. No one should be forced to study because if they do not want to study any force will not bring them good marks. It would be just wastage of money. The students should have some relaxation time in which they can play, go for outing or movies, or just hang around with their friends. This will not degrade their result but will up bring it. So, all those who think that studying is their only world should know that there is a world beyond studies which is also very essential and will be fruitful to them. So, everyone should find their world beyond studies.

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