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Education System: Then and Now

by Vijay Garg
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Now education has become ‘so-called’ for every group because its teachings students and the educators including parents don’t want to inculcate in daily goings. The education system is itself on the path of ruining.
Education Perspective-
Education has so many different meanings that vary from people to people but according to me, it is like magic which totally changes human personality and their way of thinking.
But this is working like black magic because students, teachers and the system itself are mistaken the real meaning of this powerful word “Education”.
Docent of Education-
Like to build a house, one must need bricks and cement in the same way to build an education system teacher plays a crucial role. They are responsible for the foundation of the system.
Teachers are the ones why we have doctors, engineers, policemen, and they are the ones who tell the Art of Living to society. Like Goldsmith ignite Gold at high temperature to obtain lustre and to add shine to it, the same is the relation between Teacher and his disciple.
Today’s Situation of Teachers-Students-
But today’s “Guru” became Teacher and “Disciple” became Student. The relation between both has changed now. The teachers took it as professional work and students took it as an offensive matter.
Lightening the Past-
Moving backwards to ancient time it was seen that the relation between the two was full of discipline, truth, and morality.
Like we need to do more work in stirring the milk to get butter likewise Guru works on his disciple to give him his best so that the younger generation could understand the tradition and perform to that high extent.
That time the Guru took care of their disciples from giving food to giving the place to live.
What’s happening in Present-
Today’s situation is totally opposite as the medium of giving education became selfish. They don’t treat their students as their own son. They took it as a medium to earn money.
Strategies of Teachers-
Nowadays what strategies teachers have adopted for the sake of publicity is they started leaking exam papers to their students, giving them only selected questions which lead to deteriorating the mind of students and the main outcome is that they are unable to pass the competitive exam where everyone to everything is unknown.
Students Then and Now-
It’s not worth to blame only one group; students also have an equal partnership.
They forget how to behave with their teachers. Going back and observing the conditions disciple treat their Guru as their father and respect them like anything.
Education System in Ancient time-
The recent education system changed a lot from the education which is given during ancient times.
Students before many years were taught to learn Vedas, Science, and Mathematics. Teachers were not allowed to take any fees from their students if doing so was considered as a sin.
The medium of giving lessons was oral. Students were totally depending on their teachers for study.
Rules of Ancient Time Study-
The age of a student at that time to start the education was 5 years by performing several rituals and leaving their home. Students gave respect to their teachers and not grab higher seats than teachers.
After the end of the course, to honour the educator student pay thanks to them as GURU DAKSHINA. Ending the course didn’t mean that they have no right to come to their educator for queries; they are free to come, ask and meet with their teachers.
At that period this was a long-lasting relation. That time people took education mandatory for the well-being of the society.
Major Issue of Modern Education-
But today’s scenario has completely changed. Nowadays teachers in the school are not educated enough to provide quality education to students.
What they are doing is that after completing their school life they go to become a teacher and the interesting fact is that schools itself are interested in appointing these teachers so that they would expense less.
Cons of Technology-
It is said that teachers are like potters who give shape to clay but if potter himself leaves clay to take its shape, is it possible! A big NO to this. But that is what teachers and professors are doing right now with their students.
They don’t want to take classes seriously and guide their students properly. Teachers ask their students to get depend on technology like Google and so on.
Without giving a proper lecture on a topic students were told to read books. This is an advantage of the growing technology which they are taking.
Hot problem to be discussed-
How do you feel in your home if your favourite place gets reserved by your brother, sister or anyone else?
This is exactly what is going on in our education system i.e. Reservation. In some aspects, it is right as some communities were exploited everywhere but it has a major drawback as due to this system many deserving candidates don’t get the real fruit of their hard work and somehow this leads to casteism also.
A Good Sight-
The education system of today has some good points which need to be highlighted.
Everyone has the right to get an education. More stuff to read and understand the things than before. More facilities are there if compared to the ancient one.
Yourself, Your Dreams, Your Passion-
Dreams, what a beautiful word it is and everyone wants to fulfil their dreams but there is an immediate need to understand the strategy behind fulfilling dreams.
Students need to work smartly to get what they want otherwise others can take advantage of them to fulfil their dreams. So continue that path which leads to your dreams.

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