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Who will send COVID-19 to the netherworld?

by Raju Vernekar
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By- Raju Vernekar

Ever since the COVID-19 has overtaken the world, the “expert” opinions are pouring in from different quarters describing Coronavirus as nothing but common cold and infected person gets cured depending upon one’s immunity.
“The Coronavirus is dead virus and becomes active only after it enters the body. There are over 2.5 lakh other viruses with which we live. It is a protein molecule and there is a layer of fatty acid on it, which gets diluted in soap water”.
“The coronavirus does not enter our body through skin, but enters through moist substance and that is the reason the eyes should not be rubbed too often. If it enters through mouth, it reaches up to tonsils. Once it enters human body it goes directly to muscles and gets stuck in  Ribosomes. Although bacteria can be killed with antibiotics, the coronavius cannot be killed with medicines”.
“While the incubation period of swine flu is 2 days, the incubation period of COVID- 19 is 2 to 14 days, which increases the possibility of its spread by 25 times. The generation of COVID-19 pathogen is an act of nature and trauma is more than available respiratory pathogen”. This type of information is being circulated on different forms of media, including whatsapp, for the last few days.
A Faridabad (Haryana) based Dr. Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury has gone to the extension of describing COVID-19 as the conspiracy which began in China and will end in the USA. He has said that every year more deaths occur due to influenza-like viruses which are never reported with such hype. The Corona is part of the fear business and media has been playing a negative role across the globe. He has also expressed concern that India follows WHO protocols and US advice. Instead of this, India can utilize its own resources especially the Indian medicine system promoted under the AYUSH ministry. He made these observations,  in an interview to ”Media Star World”.
As per the WHO’s recent report, over 70 researchers are involved in conducting trials for manufacturing vaccine as a faster remedy over coronavirus. But satisfactory solution is still not in sight.
In response to PM’s appeal the people clapped to cheer COVID-19 warriors and lit earthen lamps and candles across the country to ward off the coronavirus. That time it was said that the earthen lamps would generate 125 crore kilocalories (Kcal) energy and the coronavirus will be eliminated in just 10 Kcal. But the “monster C” remains unaffected and its reign of terror is going on unabated. Also no one has been able to explain why the people are becoming victim to this virus in whole sale across the globe.
Under circumstances one remembers a legend from Indian mythology, when Lord Vishnu had pushed the uncontrollable king “Mahabali” to the netherworld, using his third step.  Appearing in the form of the dwarf, “Vamana”, Lord Vishnu asked Mahabali for as much land as he could cross in three steps. After he agreed, Vishnu revealed his gigantic size, taking two steps to claim the earth and heaven. Then “Mahabali” offered his own head for the third step and then Vishnu pushed him down into “patala”, the netherworld. Today we need someone like Lord Vishnu to push “COVID 19” to the netherworld.

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