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There should be tolerance in human behavior

by Vijay Garg
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Human life is very beautiful and if one has the manners to live life then it becomes icing on the cake.  In fact, living life is no less than a skill.  Although there are no established or set rules for driving the vehicle of life, by following which a person can walk successfully on the road of life.  In fact, everyone lives his own life.  While living in life, it is often experienced that one does not get the understanding of life even after going through it all his life and there are some who are quick to understand the deep secrets of life.
Most of the people get out of this world as soon as they are caught in the trap of subsistence, struggling with the bitter realities of life.  Undoubtedly, the light of education and knowledge has helped to bring about great changes in human life.  Many people who are considered to be literate can sometimes be seen as lacking in the way of life.  On the contrary, many seemingly perfect rural people also become a beacon for many by living a simple life full of simplicity, hard work, free from ego and pride, full of service spirit.
Often the illusion of life is created only by the abundance of wealth and material possessions in life.  Undoubtedly, it is difficult to drive a life without these things, but these are the things to understand life, to turn away from the meaning of life.  If there is no purpose to life then even such a life becomes meaningless.  There are many people who have amassed wealth and other things but there is no sign of happiness in their life.  As the saying goes, “no matter how rich a man is, he cannot sleep in two beds at the same time.”  Such ones become so caught up in the race for life that they sometimes fall prey to physical and mental ailments.  All human races are interested in making their life comfortable and full of happiness.  This desire of man to make life better is a symbol of his desire to enjoy life in a better way.  Life is never the same, it is constantly changing and showing many colors.  For those who are constantly trying to keep the water of life flowing and clean, trying to create ripples in the water with pebbles, one day success will surely kiss their feet.
Those who adopt a stingy attitude towards life do not know life.  What money does it cost to enjoy the many beautiful colors of nature?  Trees, shrubs, twigs laden with colorful flowers, crops swinging in the fields, children’s laughter, chirping birds, twinkling stars, the sky, the moon shining brightly, the raining rain, the roaring wind, the glowing laughter of life.  There is so much more to talk about than just making a living.  There are very few who enjoy such beauty of life and such closeness is also rare.  Such people may be poor financially but the wealth they have is shared by very few people.
There are very few people who have the courage to face even the hardships of life.  No matter how sad their mind may be, there is no trace of sadness on their face.  On the contrary, there is no shortage of people who have their own pain in their eyes.  People who are depressed and depressed all the time add to their worries by taking the path of living worse than hell.  Too much destruction in times of sorrow is a negative outlook on life.  Many people get so absorbed in the pleasures and pleasures of life that they forget everything but when they are faced with a problem, they are often discouraged.  If the joys and sorrows of life are considered in a balanced way, then the ease of life is maintained.
Anger is so strong in the behavior of some people that frowns appear on their foreheads all the time.  Humility, modesty, and tolerance are not to be found in the behavior of such individuals.  Sometimes it feels like they are fighting with themselves.  Some people are so polite in their behavior that they stay in your mind forever.  When such people speak, they show unique manners, even with their words, everyone gets tickled.  The inner beauty of a human being is revealed only through human behavior.  The presence of such persons makes the atmosphere pleasant and comfortable.  Some people run aimlessly without any purpose or goal but they don’t reach anywhere for the rest of their life.  Some get lost in the dust of the road quickly in the rush to reach the destination.  The destination welcomes those who cross difficult valleys with perseverance, courage and fortitude.  Living a life of food and luxury is not the only life.  Life is not easy for those who are in the race for money.  Bitter realities of the time have created such conditions for man that he cannot even sit and eat comfortably.  Today’s human being, immersed in the ocean of thoughts, under the burden of mental troubles, passes through the Burki Sangh.  When the denomination took place, the creators of the stockpile of notes became very weak.  It is understandable for a human being to be greedy but when this situation goes beyond all limits then the inhuman aspect of a human being comes to light.

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