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Once a SIREN of life; now a SIREN of THREAT!!!

by Merina Mayanglambam
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By : Mayanglambam Merina

The screeching sound of SIREN every now and then has created a phobia like somewhat sort of a “PANIC BUTTON” which now is loaded with unexplanable scary experiences. The situation of this pandemic has slowly making us all like a big “Threat of Circus” where none of us are ready to be the Hero or the Heroine of this “BIG PANDEMIC SHOW”.
These bloody four months has made us more than a robot either in terms of our normal life schedule or in any so call circle of life.
It really makes us think over and over again what have this human race up to all these years that at the end we have to face such unexplanable things happening suddenly in front of our own eyes which we unlikely and had no choice but to accept .
Won’t let Darwin fail this time!! Was it his theory of “Survival of the Fittest” his own invention or he did really had a vision earlier?
The then thinkers from history,politics, social anthropology has taught and we all mugged it up to get fat marks and pass our exams to get such degree but how many of us have ever really imbibed such teachers which came pouring out from those great minds???
Little did I realised we all have become like a “seasonal pickle” all jumbled up inside an old glass jar which was once being decorated royally in a shop.
We may thing we have technology, we have knowlegde but at what cost depending on the present scenario or more such like situation to come???
Why all nations too engrossed in developing weapons,armaments?? Why all human race felt proud to take part in any kind of war against one another?? Why the whole men in this world still finds the other half as an object denoting and symbolising as commodity and only flesh of SEX?? Who has started all such mess and from which ERA?? Are we again going to invest all the economy of this world to start investigating and researching about WAR,Rape, pandemic attacks???
Generation after generation in all the pages inside Enclyclopedia we see war,discovery and inventions just like a handbook of “Handy Museum Pocket Book”.When will we start treating our own people with love and respect not as s show off but indeed from a worth of value.
Where are those moral sciences stories,where are those bed time Stories and lullaby which was once use as a means of coping machanism in good and bad times soothing our little ones.
The dirty henious politics of war through hyper sensitive news and virtual information’s coming in a package in one size of our palm. When are we going to stop discriminating one another over this and that issue?? Are we fighting against Aliens?? If they really exist then they must be watching all of us like a series.
At this crucial juncture who has the remote of our life? Business at the time of pandemic creating a havoc to all. Some are selling basic things at higher prices.Buyer have gone mad turning into excessive buying behavior of not knowing what is important and.what is not.People have no clue either to go for traditional medicine or go for Allopathic drugs. All in one just have in mind is not to get affected at any cost.
Panic buyers have become a prey from those psychotic sellers who are taking advantage of any situation.Roads have become like a silent grey painting on the wall.
News either fake or real have become the discussing topic along with every morning tea. Alas! !! this life has become a reel which is still shooting on its own…taking unimaginable different frames,different cuts and panning from angle to angle for the spectators.
Until and unless we take the simple and slightest precautions and follow the measures and obey the law which was created not only to remain just inside those white papers or some entrance guidebooks or in some official files , one should not forget for “WHOM” it was created and abide by it then only one could be sure those “ Screeching Siren’s “ would reduce and we may all once again get some good night sleep hoping for a bright new day bringing an end of this Pandemic.

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