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If all swans are not white, then how can all APs be only one AP?

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By : Ningombam Bupenda Meitei
In Philosophy of Science, Karl Popper, in his Logic of Scientific Discovery (1959), used an example of a black swan to disprove “all swans are white” and strengthened the falsifiability theory in scientific epistemology. If all APs are only one AP and that ‘one AP’ is none other than Ahmed Patel, the political secretary to the Congress President, then there should be no other ‘AP’ which or who is not ‘Ahmed Patel’. 
A counter argument could be, “Are Italians crazy to pay an AP who is not Ahmed Patel?” but before giving such counter argument, there needs to establish a scientific fact that “all Italians consider and accept ‘an AP’ only as ‘Ahmed Patel’ and that too the ‘Ahmed Patel’ of India only.” So, the counter to that counter argument could be, “Have all Italians become crazy enough to accept an AP, or any AP in the world, as none other than the ‘Ahmed Patel’ – the political secretary of the Congress President – of India only?”
AP could even signify not only a person but an organization called ‘Assam Police’ or a state in India called ‘Andhra Pradesh’ or a city in Italy namely ‘Ascoli Piceno’, and ‘AP’ could also point to the present Chief Minister of Gujarat. Should these APs ostensibly point to only ‘one’ and ‘that’ Ahmed Patel of all the probable Ahmed Patels, who have same name with the political secretary to the Congress President, in India? How can all Italians be crazy enough to suddenly forget their own city Ascoli Piceno just for one AP in India?
In today’s The Hindu, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar talks about “invisible hand” while BJP, though nominated by the President to Rajya Sabha, MP Dr Subramanian Swamy, who appears to have already seen and identified the “invisible hand” mentioned by the Defence Minister, wants “the person who is mentioned in the Italian court judgment as the driving force behind the AgustaWestland chopper deal be questioned.” Is the hand of the “invisible hand” and the “driving force” same or not? – is the question whose answer, even before MoD (Ministry of Defence) replies, seems vividly known to someone who is neither CBI nor ED but from outside the MoD.
If merely scribbling of some initials with some numerals in a note amounts to the projection and justification of the relationship of exchange of money meant to be ultimately passed on to those initials, then any scribbling of some other initials with the names like some terrorist organizations or some numerals could also be read to an extent that those initials had a terror funding mechanism. Deciphering of ancient script or writing is different from reading or observing what is written in such a note. Why is there no questioning of decoding what those initials and numerals mean or are supposed to mean? The meaning, or semantics, attached to such note could be also be discovered after decoding the codes represented in those initials and numerals. How can those initials and numerals be not a codified communication at all? Why should they appear so obvious in India when Guido Haschke, a middleman hired by Agusta allegedly to pay kickbacks to Indian decision-makers, said “I don’t know what AP stands for”? Haschke’s statement could also unfailingly mean that he also did not know that AP stands for Ahmed Patel only because he did state that he did not know what AP stands for. But, the initials are made to be so obvious in India, particularly in New Delhi. Why? When they are made to appear so obvious, that also shows that the reason behind such a target is quite obvious that who wants to target whom and why? Hence, the question of politically motivated move to tarnish the image of the Gandhi Nehru family and the Congress becomes logically evident. It is with this manufacture, Narendra Modi could not fail to be perceived as eying for not ‘Congress – mukt Bharat’ (Congress-free India) but rather ‘Gandhi – mukht Bharat’ (Gandhi-free India) from the political space of modern India. Can Modi win again in 2019 by merely being an anti – Nehru Gandhi family? Modi can not choose to be quiet and shoot the gun from someone’s shoulder but must bravely fight and openly disclose the “driving force”, as mentioned by Dr. Subramanian Swamy, to the people of India. Modi’s failure to expose the “driving force” shall mean his dishonor to the people of India.
If CP, VP and AP only and only means Congress President, Vice President and Ahmed Patel, then why is not KS also mentioned along with CP, VP and AP? Why should BJP demand an investigation against Kanishka Singh, an aide to the Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, when his initial – KS – was not mentioned along with CP, VP and AP? If merely scribbling ‘VP’ amounts to not only pointing, as per BJP, to the Congress Vice President, but also his own aide whose initial is not found in a note, then it only shows that BJP chooses its own convenience to target even a person whose initial is not found among ‘CP, VP and AP’, thereby meaning that the intent of BJP is not to find out the truth but only to harass and threaten the Congress and innocent people whose names are unnecessarily dragged in only via some unverified de-codification and deeply motivated meaning attached to some initials scribbled in the note. 
It is in such a scenario when truth is rather concealed or attempts are made to maneuver the path leading to the truth, the Congress President Sonia Gandhi, unhesitatingly, welcomed and was ready for a debate on any revelation by BJP on AgustaWestland chopper issue in the Parliament. The question, today, is – what and who stops the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, with his thumping majority in Lok Sabha, to investigate on the issue and even question those who are involved in it? Why is Modi unable to find and expose the person to which that “invisible” hand, as mentioned by his Defence Minister, belongs? Why is Modi failing to bring out that invisible hand in public for the entire country? If Modi can not bring that invisible hand out in public before 2019, then why should he be voted back to power in New Delhi in 2019 by the people of India?

Ningombam Bupenda Meitei is a poet, author and orator.

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