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Child Psychology and Development

by Rinku Khumukcham
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A book is something that can awaken imagination, entertainment, learning and education.  In addition, the book can be useful from a practical point of view.  If a person reads books, he can learn new words, which means he will increase his literacy level.  Parents often complain that children can no longer read, they don’t like it – they like to watch TV so the question of reading is very popular about how to instill love in a child.
It is worth noting that often the most famous and popular movies are shot by books.  For example, such beloved books as “Ring of Lords”, “Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer’s Adventures” are examined.  However, no matter how well shot the film is, it will not change the joy of reading the book.
In order for a child to love reading, parents must read for themselves.  If neither the mother nor the father reads and tells the child that it is necessary and useful, then it is unlikely that the suggestion will at least somehow work.  So we can conclude that everything in the family should be read.
If a child becomes acquainted with books in a school which has a compulsory reading process, it is unlikely that he will enjoy it from an early age if the child does not become friends with “books”.  .  Therefore, it is important that a child’s reading motivation begins at an early age.  You can start with special soft books that have simple pictures and then move on to more complex books.  If you pick up the book correctly and deal with the child each time, the child quickly learns to love.
As a child learns to read, there is no point in constantly pulling back and correcting words that are mispronounced.  In this way, the child may be discouraged from reading for a long time.
The reading process should bring only positive emotions.  For example, a mother can read and play with a child, clearly showing the contents of the book.  For example, a fairy tale about a kolobok or slip is read, then the child may be offered to show all the letters and all the actions described in the book.  A child with a mother can read a book of roles, then the child will feel like a real actor.  In addition, as an alternative, parents can read a fairy tale for the child at night.
You can also reward the child for reading.  If the child reads the amount of text given, he will be able to achieve any feature already agreed upon.  Therefore, you can greatly increase the motivation to read books.
You can’t force a child to read a book they don’t like.  Therefore, an adult can be purchased together with children’s books.  This bookstore trip is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program.  Too often parents of school-age children are afraid that if they choose books they will take the “wrong” book and therefore insist on the books they choose. Perhaps, we should compromise: the child will  One book will be selected and the other will be read at the parents’ choice.
The child must have a desire to read – it is impossible to cultivate a love of reading by force.  Mom should find a way to engage the child by reading, and not force him to read.  Parents of children whose children can read but do not want to use the following method.  Mom or Grandma reads the book to the child, and when it comes to the most interesting place – pauses, saying that he has important work to do. The child has no choice, if the child wants to know what to do next.  She needs to finish reading the book herself.

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