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A Reflection on the Tour of Dubai and Abu Dhabi UA Emirates – The Land of Allah, Almighty

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By : Nongthombam Mangi Devi

One may say, it is a wonderful dreamland in the country of desert. The specific quality of Dubai is the presentation of artificially made thing and situations at a very much like natural settings. Excellent utilization of modern architectural and technology to satisfy the human aspirations can be perceived.
I just wish to present a brief on the places of interests and amusements during my ten days stay at Dubai though it may be incomplete.
December is the best time to visit Dubai. Landed in Dubai by Indigo flight on 02 December morning. It is a 5 hours non-stop flight. After aligning from the aircrafts, we boarded a metro train (4-5 minutes ride) to go to the lounge to collect the checked-in luggage and Exit the Airport terminal. Sheetal and Sarat welcomed us to Dubai.
On 2nd December 2017 at 3.30 pm, we are at the gate of the Miracle Garden – written on the extended space by letters of flowers.
No doubts, it is unique by itself. In the middle of the entrance the flower bedded design of a big turtle having a height of 20 feet welcomes the visitors. It signifies endurance as if the hard-shell of ……… the dry and hot climate of the country. Then row of carved throughout their bodies by distinct colors standing on the sides of the road of the garden upto the cemented point of the garden. It is surprising how does they made unique designs of diverse colors and hues of flowers – red, blue, white, green, violet in different shades in many designs of birds, animals like camels, elephant, tombs, aircrafts etc, all are full of flowers, cemented roads are all around the gardens area. We could move around by battery run cars and wheel chairs are also available on payment. Resting places and smacks are available here and there, we can enjoy them by payment. The whole areas are neat and clean. Thin clothes canopies are hanging over the seats of the resting sitting places. Pointed pillars fully covered by the flower plants, small huts and chimneys on the road side of the garden. At the Centre of the garden, lake and garden’s boat is glittering and attracting the visitors. It is dazzling to look at and how did they make and manage? It may involve a lot of skilled hands and a high-class technology to water those designs of flowers. A good specific technique of irrigation must have applied to look the flowers ever fresh and alive.
The next day of evening
Then drive to Qudra Lake – the artificial lake at the outskirt of the city. It  is nothing to be a lake in comparison with natural lakes. Any how it is an improved lake to be enjoyed by the people in that part of the globe. Of course, it has its own beauty, it stretched around 5 to 6 kms meandering like a river with no running water amongst the dry sand and scanty tree growth.
At the weekend on Saturdays and Sundays lot of peoples goes and enjoys the pleasure of replenishing clod breeze that touches the heated bodies of the crowded city of Dubai. The sands spreading on the roads sides and banks of the lake, the small twinkling waves endlessly dancing at the rhythm of the cold wind. Small bushes and thorny plants are seen throughout the banks of the extended long lake.
By chances, it was an occasion for the observation of the national Day United Arab Emirates 46 Spirits of the Union. At 5.00 pm, Dubai Festival city was celebrated by Light and Water show with magical human action that can be seen on the big screen displayed high above the water front below so that everyone can see the show from all around of the festival area. It is an exquisite can see the show and crowded the whole areas as it looks like moving swarm of ants. It goes up to 10.30 pm. The style of enjoyments and names of the events are unfamiliar to us. Though the presentation of the show is good enough to appreciate but that was not appealing to me. The visitors are more outsiders rather than the locals Emiratis. Yet there was not much noisy and aloud.
On the 4th December 2017, I, my daughter Dineswori and Vijaya Lakshmi took the BIG BUS for the Dubai City Tour. We start from DEIRA CITY CENTER at 7.15 am. The bus is a Hop-On-Off double decker which has access to individual audio commentary of the language of our choice. We also visited the PALM JUMERA which is an exclusive residential set up for the rich and affluent society. The sea view along the PALM area is very crisp and beautiful. Witnessed the BURJ ARAB which is the Seven Star Hotel in the world, its usual architecture is appealing to the eye viewer. The other places covered are DIERA CREEK, MUSUEM, Mall of EMIRATES.
On the 5th December 2017 I, my daughter Dineswori and VijayaLakshmi boarded the private carrier for the Abu Dhabi City Tour. It is for panoramic sighting tour. The bus passed through SHEIKH ZAYED ROAD lined with magnificent grand buildings and towers and then drove to Abu Dubai. First, we all got down at the gate of Sheikh Zayed Mosque which is made of white marbles. It took 11 years to construct and open to the public in 2007. We are asked to change our attire into their conventional wear (Burkas), otherwise no one is allowed to enter the mosque. Burkas provided by the tour operator thus save time and convenient. Tombs and tall pillars of white marbles are gracefully stands at spacious areas of the mosque. It is calm and quite a big prayer hall and inspiration of prayer are craved inside the prayer hall. The hall is covered with the Persian carpet which was specially woven by 2000 craftsmen. Then we visit iconic Louvre Heritage Museum, where we saw the special carpets woven in golden thread with cost starting from 5 lakhs onwards. Had a glimpse of the Emirates Palace and the Royal Palace, iconic Etihad Towers. Visited the Heritages Villages and the Marina Mall.
On the way back, we step into the Ferrari World for a look. The broad roads in the wide plains of land touching the sea at this or that corner is breath taking while we did drive from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and back.
Culture of Dubai is reflected at the display of the museum, cultivation, handicrafts work jewelry and fishing was common using woods in building the boats.
Magnificent big and tall buildings are the primary features of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Lots of tourists from all over the world largely from South east Asia like Philippines, Malaysia, China, Japan are seen here and there.
On 6th December went to AQUARIUM DUBAI I could see only the images on the big screen at the entrance down to the water as they did not permit old person to experience the underwater activities, for security and safety reasons. Dineswori and VijayaLakshmi entered and have enjoyed the experience of both the Aquarium and the underwater zoo.
We roam in and around the Dubai Mall. I and Dineswori go for BURJ KHALIFA. It starts to build in 2004 completed in 2010 and operated. 12,000 skilled laborers worked for it. It is Super tall skyscraper of the world 245 floor which is 830 meters to top. Tourists are usually allow to go up to 125th floor “At the Top” and 148th floor “At the Top Sky”. We have to pay Rs 3300 per head upto the point of 125th floor.
Particulars of types of materials used and amount of their money as recorded
BK Crystal Town        AED 875
BK Tower Crystal Gold  AED 999
BL Tower Crystal Silver AED 975
33cm BK Tower       AED 429
22cm BK Tower     AED 274
BK Tower Box    AED 138
6’BK Tower        AED 104
4’’ BK Tower    AED 65
I took wheel chair to climb the Tower 125 “At the Top”. It hardly took 1 minute to reach the point. No movement no indication of switch or otherwise. We could see the whole view of Dubai from all sides and sunset image can be seen. There are shops for books, clothes, like cap etc. but mainly of souvenirs.
It is said that the whole ground areas of Burj Khalifa are full of water from where the irrigation system in channelized to the City of Dubai. Then back to Dubai City Mall and Dubai Fountains. Fountains are silvery water flowing down from the walls big and broad – uninterrupted at two places. For going up to “At the Top Sky” which is at 148th floor one has to pay Rs. 10000.
On the 7th December – We visited the “GOLD SOUK”. The biggest “FINGER RING” was on displayed in one of the shop. Various designs and types of gold and silver were displayed in every shop and we can purchase them at own needs and desires. It is told that taxes on gold jewelries and ornaments are free in Dubai. Foreign ladies and even men wear gold rings and chains. We did not have much time and interest to explore those shops and establishment in that area of the Gold Souk on the sea shore area.
Evening at 9.00 pm we three of us I, myself, Dineswori and VijayaLakshmi joined the Yatch Cruise Yas Island at the Marina Channel. It is for two-hour sail with buffet dinner inside the beautiful well decorated open glass boat. This has already booked and entry with pass issued by them. It is a life for modern life, free enjoyment well-planned, money management. The well-dressed servicemen took the photographs of us at the boat entrance. We are interested to get the copy of the photo, but when we ask for a copy it is told that a copy cost 100 AED.
In the evening we went to DUBAI DOLPHINARIUM and Exotic Birds Show. Three Dolphins were trained they swim and dance in the pond with the Trainers. We also witnessed a 30 mins Magic Show which was very good and engaging. Two men and two women are the Trainers. Tickets are already booked. VIP Seats were allotted for us. Then we have shown to the Birds Show that animals and birds can be trained by the Superior Training the Human being.
On the 8th December – we drove for DESERT SAFARI from 3.00 pm to 9.00pm included the dinner. Driving on the sand by a special car. We have to be belted firmly when it drives. It is up and down drive according to the  mount of the sands. It is something new, I don’t feel scared, feeling of up and down again by the car. Camels are also there to ride on. We tried for it not much to be enjoyed with the movement of the camels. Motor bike drive is also there on payment Dineswori and VijayaLakshmi did the Motor bike driving for half an hour. I just sit on it and tool a photograph. We were also served snacks while we wait for the other people to join the Camp. Buffet dinner was served which mainly comprises of Salad, Arabic Bread.
We were seated on the couch laid on the floor encircling a stage. Going in the sands on my feet goes into it and find difficult to pull up. There are tables available on extra payment. Ballet dancing was performed by the dancer and a fire show was also performed by the Expert performer. We even tried the Hukka and took a couple of puffs. Mehendi wala was also available for those who wish to put. Drinks available on payment. We did back by 10.00pm and got drop at home.
One of the much-interested place and a unique of its kind is the Global Village Dubai where almost all the countries of the globe have set up their own establishment to showcase their culture and customs etc. In the evening everyone has to come to taste different kind of food and drink of other country other than their won. A lot of amusement platforms was installed and many shows were performed to entertain the visitors and enjoy themselves. We went twice in two evening to have a better view of the global people and took the typical amusements and food stuff etc. One can imagine how big the global village areas and one cannot cover even two or three countries at one or two trips.
There are many more places to see, to study and enjoy oneself in Dubai. It may not be possible to have a good look of those places even in one month. Dubai is made in a such way that one may call it the country of Amusements and Enjoyments of life of all sorts available from all possible countries of the earth. One of the things that impress me is the Gold Market or Gold Souk where rows of gold and silver ornaments and jewelers are endlessly extended throughout the areas of the gold market.
I just like to add my view on the observation in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The Bruj Khalifa areas is the Center for business and financial point. Maximum use of modern technology and technique to explore and extract the sea water. Water channels are well developed and linked in all possible ways within the area of the city. Hotel industry is one of the best developed and earning is good enough for the country. Income from establishment of Amusements and other associated ones might have added a sizeable amount to the country exchequer.
One interesting observation is that we don’t feel we are in a foreign country as we can speak both Hindi and English for communication with those people there. I think many Indians are settled there as we find easily Indian food stuffs and other things easily from Indian shops here and there. Philippines young men and girls are found working at the shops and other establishments in Dubai. Their facial appearance and physical structure and even gaits are very much resemble to that of Meitei Manipuri.
I find most of local people are neat and clean, well dressed up in their own traditional attires both men and women. It appears that people are mostly honest and hard working. The Arabian sea is the base of the beauty of the city both Dubai and Abu Dhabi as we find water wherever we go and feel the gentle sea breeze.
The mosque in Abu Dhabi may be one of excellent places, the fine and biggest structure in white marbles with domes made at a very high cost in the world to offer your prayer to Allah, the beautiful and attractive place of the modern world.
It may be funny when I mention that those things and situations are not much attractive to me, maybe I am matured and aged enough to be impressed by the so called high class material development. Of course, I did enjoy the facilities of amusement offered to the mankind for sensual pleasures.
There are thousands of plants in the desert land which are nurtured by Electricity Water irrigation system. I did not find out for I think it is not my domain at this stage of like. I simply feel happiness and satisfaction at their growth and development.
The taxi service in Dubai is excellent, one could stop and hop on to a taxi and then give direction as to where you would like to go. During one of my conversation with a driver I am told that refusal to ferry the passenger or taking an undue diversion would lead to cancellation of the Driving permit. All the taxis are owned by the government and the drivers get paid accordingly.    

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