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Dear Mother

By : Dr. Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

No matter how old you’re, I need you around;
I believe most ‘love’ at first sight’
You’re there ‘mother’ since I opened my eyes;
You’re the one ‘reason’ love begins and love ends;
You taught me ‘not’ to fear but ‘strengths’ to learn;
You aren’t perfect when you’re real and I ignored;
You challenges differences; you’re skills and abilities;
You speak as if I’m the wisest of all;
You told as if I’m the most beautiful of all;
You speak as if I’m the kindest child you have;
You’re perfect when you’ aren’t real, I miss and I cried;
No matter I go through; No matter we argue;
You’re there at the end; you hold together;
You’re still there even I deserted you;
‘Dear Mother’ you’re the world.

No matter how you mess with things’
You aren’t super woman so carving;
You struggle hard and you never give up standing;
You try on every turn and you’re fearless, no option;
You begin your joy with a ‘life’ so dearly motherhood,
You believe in ‘God’ and all strengths greatest;
You trust and care much about whole world;
‘I’m’ your beginning, hope and a dream of possibilities;
Oh Heaven! There isn’t more loving than;
‘You hands’ on my forehead, in your arm around;
So tenderly protecting, I sleep in with no worries;
No laws guarded; no rules apply and no pity;
Yours stronger than any other,
You’re always there finding ‘me’ forgiven;
Sorry mother we’ll make mistakes.

No matter I move on to do away deep pains,
You taught me everything, to live without you;
The ‘hug’ you gave me nourishes, I’ll ever forget;
You’re my home I dream of; you’re my playfield;
Nothing last forever when you aren’t ‘home’;
I miss you; no matter you let us go;
No good bye is brave enough separating you;
Your voice so treasonable;
Your smile so unforgettable;
You’re holding so precious, leading my way;
Your presence unheard and unseen;
Your tears so hurting; when you cry, I promise;
Remembering you is beauty heaven;
Still missing you isn’t go away that easy;
‘Dear Mother’ you’re the world.

Ashinikumar Mutum

Ashinikumar Mutum, a resident of Sagolband Meino Leirak has been writing for Imphal Times since 2016. He handles mostly Press release and announcement related news. Ashinikumar is also a social worker. He can be emailed at [email protected]

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