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UNLF releases annual statement ahead of its 54th Anniversary

by Rinku Khumukcham
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Imphal, Nov 23,

Armed Rebel group United National Liberation Front (UNLF) today released its annual statement ahead of the party’s 54th Anniversary. The UNLF is celebrating the 54th Anniversary tomorrow the 24th November 24 , 2018.
While greeting the people , the  UNLF  Central  Committee  representing  the Party and its’ armed wing, Manipur People’s Army call upon the collective wisdom of our patriotic peoples to do an earnest deliberation for the future of our Manipuri Nation that  was  bequeathed  to  us  by  our  valiant  forefathers  shedding  their  blood and tears; so as to enable to pass it’s legacy onto our future generation providing  a  liberated,  emancipated  and  transformed  life  world  free  from Indian Colonial shackles.
The statement tender apology   for  any  mistakes  that  the party committed  in  the  past  years  while  discharging  their  revolutionary  duties.  Particularly,  though  UNLF  has  different  specific  plans  for  the  working  class,  the  same  could  not  be implemented  to  the  desired  level  because  of  more  pressing  political  issues which cropped up now and then due to India’s colonial scheming. And hence, the party’s activities still could not ring out a message that it stands firm  for  the  peasants  and  all  working  classes  subjugated  by  the  Indian capitalism.  
The outfit stated that the  ongoing  Manipur-India  conflict  is  passing  through  a critical phase and that the fate of our “Manipur nation” is very critical.  
On the issue of Social Degradation  the outfit stated that the  Indian  colonial  rule  is  strangulating  the people of this region,  keeping  them politically  and  economically  subjugated  for  such  a  long  time;  the  people of this region  have  become  more  and  more  dependent  to  India.  The  long  colonial  hold upon our lives by the Indian Colonialist has made such a heavy toll on the collective  life  world  of  our  people  as  such,  our  society,  have  been degenerated  up  to  such  a  point  that  we  are  losing  our  national  pride  and self-esteem.  The  number  of  peoples  having  slaving  mentality  is  increasing within  the  society;  they  even started  advocating  that  without  depending  on India,  our  survival  and  development  will  be  impossible  and  these  peoples less  care  whether  our  culture,  our  identity  and  our  nation  or  indigenous peoples survive or not as long as their individual interest is served.
Regarding the present struggle the outfit stated that the Revolutionary Parties who are committed to free our oppressed  people  from  the  Indian  colonial  shackles  are  lacking  to  give  our people a clear vision of a liberated, emancipated and transformed life world as they could not  unite themselves and formulate a concrete strategic step of the liberation struggle against the common enemy so as to fructify it. Particularly,  those  groups  which  are  founded,  and  working  on  ethnic  lines and  having  hill-valley  outlook  need  to  do  a  soul-searching  retrospection. Instead  of  deeply  understanding  and  chalking  out  a  common  path  for struggle  against  the  common  enemy,  the  Indian  Colonial  Rule,  the  groups are  working  in  different  way,  on  their  own  individual  capacity  and  this baffles  our  masses  and  the  struggle  could  not  progress  forward  with concrete strategic step to give an impetus to our liberation.  
Above  all,  the  most  important  factor  that  is  separating  the  revolutionaries from the common masses is the failing of the struggle to be the life support of  the  day-to-day  fight  for  survival  of  the  common  people.  This  should  be taken  as  the  weakness  of  policy  and  principle  on  the  part  of  our revolutionary parties. And the problem or weakness in the practical front is the  un-ability to overcome today’s complicated situation;  and  to  device  a formula, a way-out to unify all the revolutionary groups irrespective of hills and  plains.  If  this  situation  is  not  controlled  as  soon  as  possible,  our struggle will be in danger as no movement without the support of the people is bound to suffer. This should be the God-speak for our Revolutionaries. Human Resource of Manipur – In  our  statement  last  year,  we  have  emphasized  that  among  all  the resources that Manipur have, the most valuable is our people’s inherent and prolific human resource. With this abundant human resource only, though Annual Statement of Central Committee – 2018   (3) Indian  colonialism  tried  to  keep  us  suppressed  in  every  field,  our  people have been in excellence and outshines in many fields showing the world our mettle  that  we  are  not  easily  suppressible  and  will  rise  again  like  the phoenix. By  this  indomitable  quality  of  our  inherent  human  resource  alone,  we  are capable of winning our fight against the Indian colonial regime and show a pathway  of  freedom  and  independence  for  our  future  generation.  And therefore, we assert that our prolific human resource is the main force with which we can win our liberation struggle and enable us to rewrite our own destiny. Another  area  that  UNLF  envisage  that  is  of  paramount  importance  is  to nurture  and  build  up  a  patriotic  and  valiant  future  generation  conscious about the social and national problems. In  this  regard,  the  UNLF  Central  Committee  appeals  to  our  compatriots  to impart  social  education  as  well  to  the  younger  generations,  particularly young  children,  about  our  ideal  social  values  such  as  social  courtesy, discipline and also instill in them the pride of being the descendants of the brave patriotic forefathers who built our nation through blood and tears. But  ever  since  Manipur  was  annexed  to  India,  the  deep  malaise  which  the people  is  experiencing  is  the  anarchic  system  of  education;  and  such  a wholesome  education  policy  to  produce  our  desired  human  resource  has been non-existent while all our educational institutions have been ruined by corruptions imported by the Indian colonial system. And above all these, India’s “National Education Policy” which is imposed upon us, instead of creating the desired human resources; is playing havoc with  it;  as  our  younger  generations  are  made  oblivious  of  our  distinctive identity, culture, origin, and history.   The reason for imposing this colonial policy is to obliterate our history and distinct  identity  so  as  to  be  able  to  colonize  Manipur  completely.  Because, even after so much political and economic suppression, Indian colonial rule cannot  make  our  people  totally  colonized  and  submissive;  as  our  distinct identity and history makes us totally different from India and so unmixable as “Oil and water”. Therefore when the GoI try to impose any colonial policy which is allergic to Manipuris, the Manipuri peoples rise up and oppose with mass struggle; as we have seen in the past. It is bound to happen. “Fox guarding the chicken coop” :  Thus,  GoI  realizing  that,  after  years  of  political  and  economic  suppression, though  physically  colonized;  complete  colonization  of  Manipur  will  not  be possible so long as our brains, our people’s consciousness are not colonized and brainwashed.  That is the very reason why, India is trying every effort to convert Manipur University, the centre of our human resource production as Annual Statement of Central Committee – 2018   (4) the epicenter of Indianization and hub of Hindutva by scrupulous planning since  the  last  few  years.  So  to  materialize  this  colonial  agenda  of “Saffronising MU” the controversial AP Pandey, a RSS agent and a good proponent of Hindutva as well, was put in the charge as Vice Chancellor of Manipur University. Since his take over as VC, instead of making efforts to improve the academic quality and atmosphere of the University, his priority was in “Saffronising” MU with his favorite cronies; converted some of them as “RSS Pracharak” and lakhs of rupee were syphoned off funding the ABVP-Akhil  Bharatiya  Vidyarthi  Parishad  (BJP  student  wing)  from  the University  funds.  Many  programs  and  functions  underlying  the  RSS-BJP ideology  were  organized;  including  seminars  and  symposiums  on  the Birthday  Anniversary  of  Pandit  Deendayal  Upadhyay,  a  RSS  ideologue  and co-founder of BJS (Bharatiya Jana Sangh) to convert the Manipur University as a dirty platform of Indian Politics. Apart from this, he converted MU into a  den  of  corruption  and  nepotism  and  embezzlement  of  crores  of  rupee  for personal  coffer  were  his  handiworks  and  the  ultimate  result  is  the immediate  academic  bankruptcy  and  decadence  of  the  university  since  he took charge. Thus, the policy and effort to control and takeover of this highest centre of our  academic  activities,  our  intellectual  pool  is  the  hidden  agenda  of colonizing  the  main  nerve-centre,  the  brains  of  our  peoples  and  hence  to complete the colonization of our Manipuri nation. This policy of GoI is aimed to  completely  destroy  the  university  which  is  our  human  resource production  centre  and  thereby  obliterate  our  future.  In  short,  it  is  like “entrusting the Fox to guard the chicken coop”.  The  conspiracy  to  destroy  our  most  cherished  human  resource  pool  is  a shock for all our patriotic peoples and no one can remain a silent spectator. Hence,  the  four  month  long  movement  to  safeguard  our  one  and  only  one University which is the highest temple of learning from obliteration, from the demonic  hand  of  VC  Pandey,  by  all  the  patriotic  student  communities, Professors, and staffs together was a compulsory and bounden duty to save our future generation.  It  is  earlier  stated  that,  our  patriotic  intellectuals  and  academicians  are taking not only the important task of developing our human resource, that is  the  future  of  our  society,  but  also  taking  the  big  role  in  formulating  the correct political and ideological line of our revolutionary struggle.  We want to say that, the recent movement of MU Community to remove VC Pandey is not just another agitation. UNLF deeply feels that it is a mature, unified  and  well  co-ordinated  movement  of  intellectuals,  academicians, students, civil society bodies and Meira-paibis (women torch bearers) which carries a strong revolutionary message. Annual Statement of Central Committee – 2018   (5) UNLF is thankful to all the respected Professors, academics, administrative staffs, student bodies who actively supported and took part in the movement to  save  the  future  of  our  students  who are  the  real  treasures  of  our future nation particularly the Professors despite their age and status they took the leading role braving all the atrocities of the vengeful puppet govt. The puppet govt. showing it’s true colour: The more interesting thing that the recent crisis of Manipur University over the ouster of its’ corrupt VC is that it could expose the colonial attitude of Govt.  of  India    and  its  puppet  Manipur  Govt.  as  their  repressive  actions speak volumes of how Manipuris are kept suppressed for these long years. Even more, during the long 4 months shut down of the campus, the GoI and its’ concern ministry showing their indifference, didn’t take any meaningful steps  to  solve  the  problem;  even  though  the  academic  career  of  the  tens  of thousands of Manipuri students were going to be ruined. When the agitation escalated to a mass movement as the whole of the Manipuri people joined in to save the careers of the students; then to save the skin of their protégé VC Pandey, the GoI’s concern Ministry started issuing contradictory orders, making  the  problem  more  complicated;  to  an  impasse.  And  the  puppet Manipur govt. letting loose its’ bloody police commandos cracked down upon the  agitating  students,  beating  them  black  and  blue.  One  of  the  student leaders  was  pushed  under  a  running  truck  thereby  his  arm  was  crushed and maimed for life. This inhumane repressive action of the puppet govt. to please their colonial masters; will be an unforgettable incident in the history of Manipur. The most astonishing part is that, though the Manipur govt. initially shirked off any responsibility saying that MU being a central university is not under its’ purview; but latter it let loose  a reign of terror with heavy militarization in  the  campus  saying  that  Delhi  ordered  to  take  harsh  actions  on  the agitating MU community. The midnight police raid inside University hostels, beating and pulling out students from their rooms and putting them behind jails  along  with  a  number  of  Professors  and  administrative  staffs  who  took leading roles in the agitation and keeping the campus under seize for days by  heavy  militarization;  all  these  actions  will  remain  as  stark  symbols  of Indian  colonial  atrocities  upon  the  University  students  and  professors,  in the  annals  of  Manipur  University.  All  these  actions  show  that  the  puppet govt.  neither  have  any  respect  of  law,  nor  any  respect  of  teaching communities; but is also vindictive and callous. Another example of the high-handedness of the govt. is its’ constant strong arm tactics threatening the media fraternity which is regarded as the fourth pillar  of  democracy;  either  to  gag  it  or  to  make  it  their  mouthpiece  by coercion.  Thus the true color of the puppet regime is showing up that just Annual Statement of Central Committee – 2018   (6) to please the Indian colonial masters it can do anything towards it’s own people.   Integrity of Manipur, our people’s common destiny: From  the  very  beginning,  UNLF  firmly  believe,  and  is  always  propagating that  all  the  ethnic  brethren  with  common  features  and  racial  origin, inhabiting in Manipur, who are suffering together under Indian colonial rule have a common destiny and we should unite and fight together to attain it. We  have  an  inseparable  relationship  among  ours,  that  nature’s environment,  the  air  and  water,  the  mountains,  the  rivers,  the  lakes,  the green  fields  and  forests  were  all  organically  related  with  us  human  beings, and it is also linked up with the system of law and governance or the polity of  the  land.  Peacefully  co-existing  and  sharing  a  long  historical  journey withstanding all the hardships together; UNLF firmly believe that for all our small  indigenous  populations,  peaceful  co-existence  and  co-development  is the only option we have to withstand the coming challenges and problems in the  future  also.  Today,  there  are  many  arm  groups  for  every  ethnic community  sprung  up  just  for  their  ethnic  exclusive  interest.  Such  small ethnic  based  armed  groups  fail  when  fighting  against  stronger  enemy  like India;  they  got  nothing  but  to  compromise  with  the  enemy  by  peace-talks and  suspension  of  operation  (SoO)  etc.  thus  becoming  revisionist  and reactionaries. India fully exploit this opportunity and utilized the divide and rule policy to increase the animosity and rivalry for petty ethnic aspirations, between hills and valley, and amongst our ethnic brethren.  But  recently,  on  the  31st  October  last,  a  Mega  Public-Rally  which  thronged all the important roads of greater Imphal in which lakhs and lakhs of people from  every  household  of  hills  and  plain;  and  peoples  from  each  and  every ethnic  communities  of  Manipur  voiced  together  that  “the integrity and one-ness of Manipur cannot be disturbed”  and  “We want Peaceful Co-existence”. This loud unison of voices of our people have clearly given the firm  and  loud  message  to  the  GoI,  who  is  trying  to  divide  and  weaken  our people’s unity every now and then. This makes UNLF’s belief all the more stronger that “Our peoples’ destiny lies in Our Unity and together-ness”.  Therefore, UNLF reiterates once again to all our compatriots that, for every community or ethnic group, to pursue for an administrative policy based on ethnicity  or  community  does  not  augur  well  for  a  small  population  like Manipur. This will surely weaken us and will be nothing but disastrous for all of us.  Annual Statement of Central Committee – 2018   (7) Globalization, India’s Act East Policy and Manipur:  As  the  world  is  fast  changing  and  the  impact  of  Globalization  is  enormous we can’t help but to take our steps cautiously. Notoriously enough, India’s “Act East Policy” which will be taken up through Manipur as it’s corridor to South  East  Asia,  is  not  intended  purely  for  the  benefit  and  development  of our peoples. Underneath it’s “development mantra”, there lies a sole hidden agenda for undercutting our liberation struggle by making it irrelevant with the life of the common people. This is basically a policy to drag the region, particularly Manipur in India’s globalization as a means for consolidating their  colonial  rule.  We  have  no  other  alternative  but  to  get  prepared  to  be able  to  absorb  the  benefits  and  reject  the  harmful.  All  these  will  require timely  preparation  of  infrastructure  and  inner  strength  so  as  to  be  able  to absorb the merciless impact of globalization. Obviously, the present trend of economic  globalization  is  cataclysmic  for  small  backward  economies  of nations like ours which still doesn’t have a sound economic foundation of our own. Today, why the two of the most advanced and owerful nations in the world, US  and  UK,  having  apprehensions  about  the  impact  of  Globalization affecting  their  national  interests,  are  taking  up  steps  such  as,  Prez  Donald Trump’s “America First” and Britain taking up “Brexit” to withdraw from European  Union  should  be  a  matter  for  intense  deliberation  among  our Academicians, Intellectuals and Entrepreneurs. We  should  not  tamely  handover  our  precious  resources  to  outside  Multi-national Companies including Indian capitalist Industrialists who are profit racketeers just for the sake of a few jobs or a few state royalties. The much hyped Mega Railway Project and Trans-Asian Highway which are to be laid under the mask of Act East Policy will bring in countless economic migrants from India and abroad; due to which our small state is already reeling under its impact.  Therefore,  our  academicians,  intellectuals  and  entrepreneurs  need  heady discussions to frame our own policy and program to safeguard our people’s interest against the evil design of India’s Act East Policy to obliterate our Manipuri nation.  Otherwise, we will simply be swept away. Greetings : Today on this auspicious occasion of the 54rd Anniversary of our party, the UNLF Central Committee extends its heartiest revolutionary greetings to all our  fraternal  Revolutionary  parties  of  Manipur  as  well  as  of  WESEA.  And also,  we  extend  our  revolutionary  greetings  to  all  the  oppressed  peoples  of WESEA  who  are  long  suffering  under  the  Indian  Colonial  Rule.  In  the  long run, victory will be ours, our oppressed peoples. Annual Statement of Central Committee – 2018   (8) Revolutionary Salute:  On this solemn occasion of our Party’s 54rd  Anniversary,  UNLF  Central Committee offers revolutionary salute to the founder leaders, Party Cadres, all the brave fighters who have laid down their life for the national struggle, and those civilians who have been killed by the IOF. Today we reaffirm our commitment to the national struggle for which they have given theirs.  
The UNLF  Central  Committee  also offers  revolutionary  salute  to  their Leaders including  CM  Sanayaima,  Party  cadres  and  all  the  revolutionary compatriots who are languishing in the Indian jail.  

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