U-TRUST appeals for extension of rehabilitation centre review period

IT News
Imphal, May 21:

In a bid to extend a lifeline to private rehabilitation centres rejected in the recent qualification process, the Union of Treatment and Rehabilitation of Users for Social Transformation (U-TRUST) has submitted a formal request to the Department of Social Welfare, Government of Manipur.
The appeal, addressed to the Director of the Department, urges a reconsideration of the rejection status faced by several private rehabilitation centres during the TRUST Centre registration process. Citing ample scope for improvement, U-TRUST emphasized the potential adverse impact on drug users if these centres are not given a fair chance to rectify their shortcomings.
Expressing concerns over the ramifications of outright rejection, U-TRUST invoked Article 21 of the Indian Constitution, which enshrines the right to health and clinical consideration. The organization proposed a grace period of six months for the rejected centres to address deficiencies and align with departmental guidelines.
Among the key issues highlighted in the appeal were inadequate documentation, lack of accounting knowledge, and staffing deficiencies prevalent in many non-funded private rehabilitation centres. U-TRUST underscored the importance of staff training, as mandated in Article 9 Section 3 of the Guidelines for TRUST Centres, which several centres failed to fulfill due to various constraints.
Additionally, the ongoing ethnic tensions and prevailing challenges have further impeded the efforts of non-funded private rehabilitation centres to rectify their shortcomings within the stipulated timeframe. U-TRUST urged the Department of Social Welfare to reconsider its stance and provide rejected centres with a fair opportunity to comply by granting a six-month extension.

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