Gas agency clarifies no one should pay for connection under BPL Ujjawala scheme

IT News
Imphal, May 21:

Gas agency has clarified that issues related to corruption under the Ujjawala scheme which has surfaced in the media. At a press meet held by the Manipur LPG Distributors at the Press Club today at 3:00 pm, Okram Buddhi Singh, Athokpam Gas Proprietor, brought attention to emerging issues related to the Ujjwala Scheme in the Leimaram Relief Camp.
“The Ujjwala Scheme, which aims to provide free LPG connections to people below the poverty line, has encountered problems as some individuals have been taking money from beneficiaries under the false pretense of providing gas connections. There are also complains that despite the scheme’s provision for free connections, no actual connections have been delivered to those who paid,” he added.
Okram Buddhi Singh emphasized that no money is required to obtain an LPG connection under the Ujjwala Scheme. He informed the public that reports have been received of another party exploiting the situation by taking money from people in the relief camp.
He has urged residents to visit nearby authorized centers for their LPG connections and to avoid dealing with unauthorized parties, even if they are from other districts. He has also mentioned that if money has been taken, victims should file a complaint directly with the authorized agency to address the issue.
Additionally, it was noted that individuals in the relief camp, who are already in a vulnerable position, have fallen victim to these fraudulent practices. The press meet called for vigilance and immediate reporting of such incidents to prevent further exploitation.

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