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No authority can ever cease Zeliangrong – Zeliangrong Baudi

by Huirem Naresh
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Imphal, Jan 2:

Responding to the press statement issued by one “Joint Tribes Council” (JTC) which was appeared at some local papers published in Manipur, the Zeliangrong Baudi, Assam, Manipur & Nagaland which the JTC stated that “there is no “Zeliangrong” nomenclature any more”. The statement is term as” irresponsible and senseless”.
“If the self styled JTC, created by the NSCN (IM) for fortification of the vested interest of Hebron Camp think that there is no more Zeliangrong, they are living in fool’s paradise”, the ZB statement said.
It said that the JTC should realize that the unity and integrity of the Zeliangrong as one tribe and in one common ancestral land cannot be taken away by the whimsical political designs of any organization or one underground group.
It further added that the Historical evidences and anthropological studies have proved beyond doubt and found it crystal clear that the Zeliangrong people are one people, with same origin, same culture and are bound by indestructible bond of consanguinity. But the unnecessary confusion created today within the Zeliangrong family is due to the interference of NSCN-IM into the affairs of Zeliangrong people under the garb of ceasefire, peace talks and the barrel of gun for reasons best known to them. Woe to those individuals who pose complete trust and faith on this underground group and not on the truth and historical evidences, as every confusion and problems created and seen today
are temporal and ultimately, they will disappear sooner than later as soon as that particular underground group declines. Truth shall prevail and hence, the Zeliangrong people will march ahead and thrive on as long as the earth exist.
Those who make such cheap statements should understand that the public are not fools and they can very well understand the vested interests
behind the act of “innocent players” played upon by this underground group.
On 28 March 2018, NSCN (IM) tried to demolish the unified status of Zeliangrong as a single tribe and split it into three separate tribes, Zeme,
Liangmai and Rongmei. Further, they also created the three councils with some few handpicked from those individuals who were in their good book and formed the councils and later on, the so-called Joint Tribes Council much against the will and common interest of the Zeliangrong public. The Zeliangrong people had never taken such resolution to rename or split Zeliangrong. As such, Zeliangrong name continues to soar high in the comity of tribes in North East India and this is duly acknowledged by the Government of India, state governments, scholars, historians, media fraternities, etc.
The ulterior motive of NSCN (IM) is to eliminate or at least sabotage the prospects of Zeliangrong Homeland Movement which they think is against the Pan Naga Hoho design. But they have no courage to say anything against the ENPO movement for separate Frontier Nagaland State nor do they have anything to say against the existing State of Nagaland which was formed only for few sections of the Nagas. Such double standard will not work and shall not be tolerated anymore by the Zeliangrong people. The so-called JTC is playing into the hands of this underground group who are hell-bent to split the Zeliangrong people and also form territorial divisions so that they can reign over the Zeliangrong people of the three states of Assam Manipur and Nagaland. This evil agenda will never succeed and they are living in illusion if they think that they can play around with the Zeliangrong people. It is high time for them to learn that no force on earth can do away with the unity and integrity of the Zeliangrong people.
The Stand of the Zeliangrong people on the Naga peace process has already been conveyed to the Government of India, which include extending support to the Agreed Position between NNPGs and the Government of India. We stand for early settlement of the protracted Naga political issue.
Meanwhile, it may also be reminded that Zeliangrong Baudi has the rich legacy of 88 years history, which includes Inpui, that goes without saying. There is no power on earth that can rename Zeliangrong Baudi, unless done through a systematic procedure developed by the Zeliangrongs themselves.
The outcry of the self-styled Joint Tribes Council reflects the failures of the political diplomacy of its creator i.e., the NSCN(IM). Zeliangrong Baudi (AMN) shall remain as the Apex Body of the Zeliangrong people living in the states of Assam, Manipur and Nagaland, the statement said.

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